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OT:Those darn liberals again ...


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Those darn liberals. If we can't throw jelly at kids in school, how else will we teach them discipline??

Communist pansies.


The Associated Press

CREIGHTON, Mo. June 29 — When eighth-graders lined up to throw jelly at a classmate, their teacher called it creative peer discipline. The students thought it was fun.

But the school board isn't so sure, and has ordered a review of how student discipline is handled at Sherwood Middle School.

"I was horrified when I heard about it," board member Blanche Williams said.

English teacher Frank Fleming had the classmates toss jelly at eighth-grader Andy Johnson as punishment for refusing to take part in a reading exercise.

Johnson had agreed to is as an alternative to detention or suspension. It was among the suggestions on folded slips of paper submitted by other students, and randomly selected by Johnson.

The boy's mother, Carrie Johnson, signed a consent form, and Johnson went to school prepared with jeans, T-shirt, goggles and shower cap.

Williams worried that Johnson's civil right may have been violated. Two other board members said they were concerned that fellow students administered discipline. So the board agreed Wednesday to review staff handbooks for all schools in the 950-student district.

Fleming, who no longer teaches at the school, declined to comment.

School Principal Daphne Thacker said students laughed as they threw the jelly at their classmate, who also was laughing.

"It was real creative, not punishment of any sort," Thacker said.

Johnson said he thought having jelly thrown at him "would be pretty neat." He added, "Nobody has made fun of me, and I don't think it was degrading."

Copyright 2002 The Associated Press. All rights

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well, I am far from a Liberal (at least as defined here in the US :)) but it does appear that allowing other students in public school determine the punishment for a classmate is probably not a good precedent to set.

I can understand the teacher's effort to get the kids to think about taking action and possible consequences and punishments, etc.......but there are other ways to accomplish that.

If I were the principal I would probably put the hammer down on this one too.

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Wow, can Lord Of The Flies be far behind??

Do you get to a point when you're a conservative that EVERYTHING you disagree with must be the fault of liberals?

At what point do your political leanings start bordering on the absurd?

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I'm not sure this is liberal or conservative, though I suppose collective judgement may be considered a bit more liberal. It seems to me this is just a stupid thing, rather than a political leaning. But, that's just my view.

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The article is real, though I posted it as a spoof on the "Play Tag" thread/rant, or any article which essentially suggests that modern public education is a liberal conspiracy to turn our children into ritalin-addicted weaklings and/or John Walker Lindh.

But there are some interesting issues ...

Is punishment by peers akin to mob rule?

.. or is teacher-assigned punishment a form of dictatorship?

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Originally posted by fansince62

just skins....if the constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment, then why are we subjected to ted kennedy, dascle, the Gargoyle (carville), and other buffoons?

Ah come on. I hate Dashcle as much as the next guy and Kennedy is the one politician in congress I hate the most, but leave mah man James Carville out of thise ;)

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but leave mah man James Carville out of thise

Agreed, FordHQ! I used to love it when Carville came on Kornheiser's show to do his weekly NFL picks. He's a Redskins diehard, so how bad could he be? Besides, if he can manage to stay married to that she-beast Mary Matalin, he must be some kind of genius at human relations :)

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