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Wizards -- Why not Trade up for Butler?


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I just don't get these picks at all. They have Haywood, Jahdi, E.Thomas, and K.Brown to form the basis of their front-court.

They certainly don't need a guy that plays like a PF-SF 'tweener. they needed a true SF that can light it up. That was Carron Butler. The Wizards should have been all over that pick.

I guess we'll never know how hard the Wizards tried to trade up, but they better have offered their #17 pick and both second rounders (i.e., their entire draft) to move up one spot and grab Caron. He is such a better fit for the 3 spot on this team, and he's more NBA ready, less risky, and in IMHO twice the NBA prospect.

I really think the screwed up on that one.

As for Juan, I like him, but can he really be a point? I think his defense can handle it, but not his handle. And he can't play 2 with Rip on the court. If they envision him as a 2, then C.Alexander (despite being an ***) is a better option.

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You guys rate Thomas a lot more highly than I do. White as well.

Haywood had the best year of the younger front court players but has work to do to improve.

Brown is and will be a project for a couple of years.

So, the though of taking a 6'10 player that can slide into a SF/PF role based on the opponent may not be a bad thing.

Hey, that's the bright side :)


You guys know me. Basketball is an inside/outside game.

The Wizards didn't trade or draft a true point guard and didn't pick up a veteran to provide some leadership at center or power forward.

So, this team without Jordan is still not a playoff team in my mind.

Maybe they will prove me wrong.

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You never know until trades are being reported how we will fare.

There are free agent PGs out there J Kidd is probably gonna leave the nets and head west so what teams in the east besides the Cavs have allstar point guards to worry about?

I can live with the picks.

Jeffries is a true 6'10 SF

K Brown 6'11 PF with handle just needs seasoning and fans as well as impatient local media off of his back

Haywood is 7 ft hand should be healed a year under his belt he should progress. Its not like he is going to turn into dinner bell Mel Turpin so leave the anti Tarheel nonsense in the closet til college b ball season.

If we have to still depend on Lue he is still serviceable til we can snag a vet next year

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I think trading up for Butler was a lost cause. The key player here was the Clipps. They had an offer on the table from the Cavs for Miller, but it was contingent on the Clipps taking Butler. Unfortunately for the Clipps the pick for Wilcox was already phoned in. They franticly tried to trade to get Butler, but once he got to Miami nobody had a chance. Riley got his man.

The Wiz need to make an offer to Jeff McInnis. His return trip would be very welcome. Evidently the Clipps have no plans on resigning him. Plus we all know how much MJ loves the boys in Carolina Blue.:cool:

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The Clippers are still going to be the Expos of the NBA, develop them dont pay to keep them and see them move on.

Odom and his love of the pipe will probably be allowed to leave and we dont need that here, they'll probably think about resigning the the candy man since a big body is needed out west but the rest you have to wonder about if there is going to be a fire sale.

Jeffries probably will just linger on the perimeter his rookie year along the lines Horry.

By 2k4 Kwame should be versatile enough to play PF and SF on occasion while some see Jeffries gaining weight and strength and moving to PF and Center

But a lineup with Kwame 6'11,Haywood 7'0 and Jeffries 6'11 upfront is intriguing and if all three reach their potential and stays here scary.

And its not like these guys can't run.

Rip doesnt have a good handle and I wished he took the time to work on improving it and we have to see what Juan will do at the spot but there have been teams that have succeeded without having a true point guard.

I'm hopefully but the bullet glasses and my homerism still see the odds of this all coming together as long.

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the last couple of teams I remember that climbed the mountain without a true point guard are the current Lakers and the 6-time Bulls before them.

oh, they did have some decent wing guards that handled the ball a lot in Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, though :laugh: :laugh: :cool:

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Pippen I mean Kobe had Derek fischer and he should be thankful because Bibby would have been arrested for grand theft as well as breaking Kobe's ankles.

Coach was smart enuff to know that Pippen I mean Kobe couldnt hold Bibby and used the point guard.

A backcourt of Hamilton/MJ and Juan Dixon might not hurt them in the east and they are playing the same Triangle offense so its all about playing with in the system even though they may be suited running.

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