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CNNSI: NFL Truth & Rumors: June 15, 2005


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Originally posted by Bufford

call me crazy.

but I never hated Gus personally.

I hope he wins that job.

Me either, I thought he did ok with us.. But I hope he starts just so we can see the head butting inncident a few hundred more times..

Seriously I like the guy, when he took over for DC in Minni he lit up the field. Best of luck to him.

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Vikings free agent kick returner/running back Chad Morton visited Winter Park but left without agreeing to a contract. Morton is expected to make several other visits before deciding where to sign.

-- Minneapolis Star Tribune

I predicted when he got cut he would be a Viking if's healthy by camp.

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I don't understand why McNabb and Culpepper put up with the crap that they do from Owens and Moss. Taking the high road is admirable, to a point. Eventually though, I think I'd let these turkeys have it. Ditto for Jeff Garcia...that poor schmo really took a beating from Owens. He should just say "look, I made the pro bowl so I must have been doing something right. And TO is the biggest a$$ with the most overinflated ego in the NFL. No wonder nobody likes him."

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