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New to Extremeskins....

Idaho fan

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Originally posted by leaping lizzy

I lived in Idaho for over 20 years - but closer to Boise so everybody was Denver fans instead of Seahawks. Welcome.

Lizzy, Thanks for the welcome....

I am about 2 hours North of Boise.... Your right, there are a ton of Denver fans around here aswell. One of the guys that works for me is from Colorado and a Bronco fan and continually tells me how we got the short end of the stick with the Portis trade...and how they got the better of us again in this last draft etc... I would love to throw it back at him during next years draft when the broncos get our #32 first round pick from the trade!

Oh by the way, the potato stuff some of you are coming up with is really funny! I have not heard that before.:logo:

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