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The Next Darrell Green


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Who on our team do you think has the best shot at becoming "The next Darrell Green"? I was reading the latest article on Redskins.com and saw Chris Samuels face pop up again. It seems like he is VERY involved with the community. He is also one of those humble characters and he also has a passion for local youth. However, there are a couple of players that shoot to my mind when thinking about potential life-long Redskins who are involved in the community. Just wondering what you guys thought.

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the 'next' Darrell if there is one has to be a player that can survive the cap and continue to thrive on the field as a top player.

Samuels, Bailey, Arrington are perhaps the top 3 candidates to stay on top of their games and stay with the Skins for significant periods.

Whether Champ and LaVar have the kind of community commitment that a Darrell Green has is an open question mark.

Remember at age 23 or 24 we didn't know a lot about Darrell either.

Samuels is a guy that has done nothing wrong since he was drafted. He came in and played right from the start and showed a good attitude and a lack of ego for a guy taken that high in the draft.

You look at where Chris is right now compared with where Peter Warrick is and you can thank your lucky stars we didn't take him at #3.

Left tackles can make your line. Receivers need a good line, good quarterback and often a good complement on the other side to be really effective.

As we have seen in Cincinnati, Warrick has largely been wasted through his first couple of seasons, playing with inferior quarterbacks and not showing the elusiveness he did in college when he does catch the ball.

I doubt Warrick will ever be a top receiver in the NFL. He was the quintessential college star whose size and lack of good work habits work against him at the next level.

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that's another point of amusement for me with the Bucs' fans.

they pointed to Chris coming right in and playing at a high level as a rookie and assumed that Walker would do the same.

even before the draft last year, Kiper and others were saying that Walker was the best of the class in 2001 at tackle but was nowhere near Samuels, who they had rated as the best left tackle prospect to come out in 4 or 5 years when he was selected. :)

but Bucs' fans?

oh, they thought the guy was going to be a pro bowler his first year guaranteed. :laugh:

most people outside of Tampa knew that starting two guys in Coleman and Walker that had little or no playing experience was going to result in some instability on the line.

and indeed, that is what happened, as Johnson was sacked a lot in the team's first 10 games.

And Johnson himself?

All you have to do is look at his price tag and then look at what he did when the chips were down in the playoffs (ints vs. td's) and you can see where Skins fans knew the Bucs had bought a pig in a poke. :)

We may not have seen a Dan Marino around here recently, but we DO know something about watching limited quarterbacks :silly:

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There will never, ever, be another Darrell Green. He has not only been the consumate role model on the field, but his off the field work has been outstanding. the guy has taken advantage of every opportunity given to him and he is one of those few people who realize just how fortunate they and see it as their DUTY to give back to their community. Darrell Green means more to professional football in D.C. than Joe Gibbs, Sonny J, and Art Monk put together.

Sadly to say, as much as i love all our new guys, I do not foresee any of them taking on the selfless amount of committment that Darrell has given to the D.C. area. Let alone staying with the team till they're 42 frickin years old!


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I'd have to say LaVar. His position is much more visible than LT, even though Chris is a great guy. Chris will consistently be one of the best LTs in the game, but LaVar will be an even better LB. It just so happens that LBs get more pub. Even if Chris is more involved in the community, I just have a feeling about LaVar.

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I would have to say Chris Samuels. For reasons that have been posted already.

I remember watching ComCast Sports Nite back around Christmas when they did an article about #60 taking 15 underprivileged families from D.C. on a shopping spree. :cheers:

Plus he did that United Way Spot when he started crying after the little girl read "Little Women". :laugh:

Little Girl: Here is your book Mr. Samuels

Chris: That's not my book

Little Girl: But it has your name in it.

Chris: Well I guess it is mine

Great Spot for Samuels. :thumbsup:

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I think it is between Chris and Lavar. Champ tends to be kind of quiet though he has been quite boastful lately. Chris is already very involved in the community and he is the guy that they sent to Japan to promote the upcoming preseason game. Lavar has that youthful enthusiasm and likeable personality that Darrell Green has.

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What Mphillips said. There will never be another D. Green in the NFL, or for that matter probably in all of pro sports. First off, nobody consistently plays at that level, that long. Secondly, when you add in what he has done off the field...he's one of a kind. I could see Samuels following Green's lead though. Let's hope he's a lifer Skin and play as long as Green did.

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I don't see another Darryl Green on this team right now.

To me the "next Darryl Green" would have to be in a position to make key big plays (like Green's returns and interceptions) ... not just play his position at a high level. He would have to be a major talent and unquestionably humble. Just try finding someone with those two characteristics in today's game. No trash-talking. No attitude. No hold-outs for money. No arrests. No coming from or going to other teams. He must be a Redskin and only a Redskin for the whole of his career. He must give his money and, more importantly, his time generously to the community.

Sorry guys, I don't think it's a given we're going to have "another" Darryl Green. He's one of a kind.

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Originally posted by Brave

No hold-outs for money.

Just a small correction on that one, Darrell held out prior the 1992 Season after the Skins won Super Bowl XXVI. :)

I remember Darrell, Desmond Howard, Mark Rypien and Jim Lachey were the Redskins 4 big hold outs during that preseason.

Besides that, Darrell has been great for the Redskins on and off the field with his play and his Youth Foundation.

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I have to agree with mphilips16 and say that there is only 1 Darrell Green. It wouldn't be fare it compare anyone else to Darrell. Of our current roster, I think Chris Samuels will come

to closest to being like Darrell Green. I have a feeling that

Ramsey is going to be a class act as well.

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