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Champ and Rocket "The Play" reviewed


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Yeeesh. Does this play get thrown at Skins fans intirely too much or what? Saw this on another thread and just because it's frequency of use here and elsewhere I thought I would give this response to the play it's own thread. We at Extreme are familiar with the poster who wrote this.

Utah Redskins

"You know what, after watching this game again, I would strongly suggest to all Cowgirl fans not to use any part of this game except the Larry Allen and Kenard Lang match up as a positive.

Oh yeah, it wasn't an out or a cute little play that Rocket burned Champ on. It was a fade pattern that Champ lost "touch" with Rocket and figured he had cut back like he had done 3 times that game. Champ blew it. He slowed down for 2 steps and that was all Rocket needed.

Carter on the other hand, took the play in shotgun, took one step back and launched the ball towards Rocket. At the time he threw the ball, I would of screamed at Carter and would of told him that it was a bad throw. I would of told him that anyway. "

Don't get me started on Carter. He is a puppet.

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That play was perfectly set up. Rocket kept running comebacks, and faked it on the TD pass. It was a perfect call. They pay the other guys, too. While Champ can catch a lot of receivers from behind, Rocket is not one of them, especially when spotted that much distance.

I can remember Darrell Green getting beat earlier in his career on double moves by Roy Green of the Cardinals. Even with Green's amazing catchup speed, some guys are just too fast once they get behind you with the ball.

That's just the nature of the position. You are going to get beat, sometimes. It's how you respond that makes or breaks a great cornerback.

Besides, it's not that play that beat the Skins in that game. It was their inability to stop the run. The Cowboys were taking advantage of overpursuing linebackers, and the defensive staff never adjusted.

That was the last really bad game for the run defense, however. They were very solid the rest of the season.

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Actually Guru, Utah nailed it. Rocket made no fake on the play. He ran a fade. He made no move whatsoever to fake the comeback. If he had, then yes, a great set-up. He didn't so it wasn't. Up until that play, Rocket had I believe only 2 catches. Q.C. had 14 attempts the whole game, so Dallas hadn't spent alot of time setting up much of anything. 1, pass defense really was good that game and 2 because Dallas spent most of the time runnng over Clubber.

On that play, 3rd down I believe, Skins stacked the box and went Man, again. Considering the success that they had been having playing man, and how much Dallas had been running in that game, not a bad call. Dallas sent their guys deep. Shotgun formation. Q.C. took the ball, looked once to his left, turned to his right and heaved it it. At that time Baily was still locked with Rocket. No fake just go down field. Utah adressed how Champ lost him in the Ramsey, Carter down below. :cheers:

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My bad. Y'all are correct. There must have been some kind of fake, though, from Carter, because I do remember Champ hesitating and reacting to something happening in the Cowboys backfield. He was clearly expecting a comeback, even if was just for a split second.

Of course, Champ violated a cornerbacks first rule: never take your eyes off your man. As Champ learned, even he can't break that rule against a speedster like the Rocket.

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