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OT: NBA Draft Update

Zen-like Todd

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Well, it's drawing near. The little bit of news floating around concerning the Wiz seems to indicate that the players that they are digging on right now include (that they can reasonably get ahold of):

Jared Jeffries, SF

Qyntel Woods, SF *

Bostjan Nachbar, SF

Dan Dickau, PG

Dajuan Wagner PG/SG

If I get motivated, I may edit this post in a few minutes and add in links to the bios.

Qyntel Woods gets a * because apparently he's dropping rapidly down the draft boards for one reason or another, even though he had put in some good workouts. Teams are concerned about his thug factor.

I've been figuring that given the current composition of the roster, a trade was in the offing. I thought this was the case last year, and indeed, I found out later that we were in the Bibby sweepstakes but lost out (can you say doh!)? In any event, we all know that the Ammo is more or less Courtney Alexander and Jahidi White. And wonder of all wonders, Courtney showed up on ESPN Insiders list of trade bait players connected to a statement that the Wiz are trying to pick up another first rounder, maybe in the teens.

So, my guess is that the Wiz would like to get one of those SFs at the 11 spot, and pick up Dickau around 15-17ish. Alternatively, if Dajuan Wagner drops to 11, grab him and then pick up whatever SF is left.

This leaves up with young, inexperienced talent at all 5 spots on the floor. Maybe not an uber team next year, but give it a couple of years, and it could be suuuper money.

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I believe there will be serious talent at #11. Whether or not the Wizards will find it there is another question altogether. I no longer have much faith in MJ as a talent coordinator (you'd have to be the biggest homer around to make excuses for Kwame's production).

There will be a number of guys taken before #11 who will be marginal role players. I'm not convinced Jeffries will make it. Dunleavy's got Christian Laettner Lite possibilities.

That idea of a trade for Andre Miller is intriguing.

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If Wilcox falls to #7 the Knicks will take him. This in affect will most likely allow Curtis Borchardt to fall into the Wizards laps. He is a very talented center who would replace White. Then, since Chicago is drafting Williams the Wizards could propose a trade for Jamal Crawford, who MJ really likes. I think he will be a special player. He just need a chance to shine. This could be a good team next year without Jordan.

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Hmm, how timely. Check out the article that just popped up on washingtonpost.com

If we can swing the 23rd pick for those 2 2nd rounders, I'd be pretty damn happy. I'd also wager that we wouldn't stop there. This should be pretty interesting. I don't think 23rd is high enough for us. That pick might wind up being bundled with a player and shipped elsewhere, either for a higher pick, or a player.

By Steve Wyche

Washington Post Staff Writer

Saturday, June 22, 2002; Page D3

The Wizards and the Pistons have been involved in trade talks, with Washington possibly sending their two second-round picks (No. 39 and 40) to Detroit for the 23rd pick in the first round at next Wednesday's NBA draft, according to Detroit President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars.

Dumars told Detroit media yesterday that he has spoken to Wizards General Manager Wes Unseld this week about the swap that would provide Washington with another pick in the first round. The Wizards also have the No. 11 pick.

No Wizards official was available to comment regarding conversations with the Pistons, but several team sources have said this week that Washington has been engaged in trade talks with several teams. No trade is expected to be completed until close to the draft or on draft night, several league sources said yesterday.

Should Washington acquire the Pistons' pick, it could have an opportunity to select a point guard or a much-needed small forward, a position it also is leaning toward filling with its pick at No. 11.

Junior college prospect Qyntel Woods, Indiana forward Jared Jeffries and Slovenian Bostjan Nachbar appear to be the most likely candidates to be drafted by Washington with the No. 11 pick. Jeffries' stock is on the rise after a series of strong workouts, though, and he is expected to be taken by the Phoenix Suns at No. 9 or the Miami Heat, who hold the 10th pick, according to several league sources and agents.

Washington plans to work out Woods and Jeffries for a second time Sunday or Monday and also will get a private workout with Nachbar, Fresno State's Melvin Ely and Stanford's Casey Jacobsen among others.

Hmm... Casey Jacobsen, eh? A shooting guard. Now why would you bring him in unless you knew you were trading Alexander? Hmmmmmmm? Something is going down. Although I just said the 23rd is too low for them, that would be a perfect spot to pick up Jacobsen. Makes me wonder what the other trade is.

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Update... you've all no doubt seen the MJ article. For those who havent, it looks like he's planning on coming back as Rip's backup at the 2, and not at the 3. No WAY Courtney is staying, however talented he may be. This means we need to not only draft a SF, but we really need to pick up a mid-level starting quality SF while we groom the rookie. Matt Harpring jumps to mind. He's a restricted free agent, and while he's not a scoring maven, he'll drop in 10 a game, and pick up 7 boards, while playing solid defense, which the Wiz really need. He's got some muscle, and long arms that annoy the hell out of opposing SFs. We'll see. This draft is going to be really interesting.

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I believe we need some help inside. We just aren't tough enough and I don't see Jahidi White or Haywood as answers. Haywood looked good for his first month and then became a non-factor.

The big foreign guys look appealing - the Brazilian kid has the frame to carry almost 300 lbs. and the Georgian 7'er is supposed to be an improved version of Gasol. Whether or not they drop to #11 is problematic - maybe that's why we were looking at moving up to #8 in a swap with the Clippers.

I don't know much about Nachbar, but his height (6' 8" or thereabouts) didn't inspire me.

The Wizards are a though team to figure. Is Courtney Alexander the real deal? Can Etan Thomas improve - I thought he flashed some ability last year toward the end, but if that's all there is, we can move on.

Kwame's a big timid kid. I'm not sure what value he has setting up out on the perimeter.

Anyone like the idea of taking another gamble on a high schooler like Amare Stoutmire?

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Lets see.....what do the Wizards need... a point guard, an athletic wing man..a shooting guard. If the wizards can move courtney for the 17th pick they can use that for Dan Dickau. Use the 11th for Amare Stoudmare and then use the 2 2nd rounders for a shooting guard and some foreign project. That would do wonders for us. If we can get rid of Laetner and and Jahidi for an athletic big man id say do it than we can run the floor.

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okay, the points thing is because he got fudged over with playing time last season. And who remembers the season before when C A went on a binge and scored at least 30 points in like, 4 staright games? The guy is a beast. He did it last season too when freakin MJ got out of the way.

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