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Coleman and Synder


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From the same sportsline article

Code of honor

Every once in a while it's nice to write a piece on how greedy a player isn't. In an age where players judge one another by dollars made rather than Pro Bowl appearances, a guy such as defensive end Marco Coleman is a welcome voice of sanity.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder phoned Coleman after the player had agreed to a three-year contract with the Jaguars last week trying to lure him back to sign with Washington. The contract had yet to be signed (it was finally officially filed Thursday of this week), meaning Coleman had the legal right to spurn the Jags and run back to Washington's dollars if he chose to do so.

The veteran defensive end, one year removed from a Pro Bowl berth, rebuffed his former boss's advancement. In fact, friends of Coleman said they believed Snyder was willing to produce a more lucrative deal than the Jags.

Kudos to Coleman. Since his contract was not signed, nobody except the Jags would have blamed the player had he managed to suck a considerable chunk of change out of Snyder and gone to the highest bidder. For Coleman, however, a deal was a deal whether it was signed or not and he elected to honor his agreement with Jacksonville.

Had Coleman pulled an about face, it would not have been the first time that happened this offseason.

The Ravens were flabbergasted when they had a contract agreement with tackle Marcus Spears. Spears, however, did not have his contract signed at that point and continued to listen to offers from his former team in Kansas City. The Chiefs eventually enticed Spears to come back home, leaving the Ravens jilted at the altar with a wasted agreement.

The other question that begs to be answered: If Snyder wanted him, why did he wait to make a strong move until after the player had an agreement with another team? That's like breaking up with a girlfriend only to beg for her back when she shows up to a party with another guy.

To Snyder, Coleman was looking really nice at the end of the night.

Coleman also rejected an offer from the Vikings that exceeded the one he signed with Jacksonville, according to coach Mike Tice.

Money can't buy everything at any time in Coleman's world.


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We were talking about that below, LD. Thanks for pasting it here to allow more folks to more easily see it. I like that Snyder went at Coleman late to get him back. I don't like that if we had an offer to give him, that we didn't give it to him earlier. Coleman's loss is the one in this offseason that disturbs me because he had value to this team and would have given us real strength and depth along the line.

I've always liked Coleman and hearing this story will just reinforce why I do. He's a stand up guy and did the right thing by the Jags and he is one of the reasons we root for guys the way we do.

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this link was posted in another thread, the main point being the emergence of fullback Bryan Johnson into a contributor on offense :)

as I mentioned in the other thread, I would be interested to know what other than the weather was so great about going to Jacksonville?

the team is rebuilding from an offseason that saw the squad lose so many key players it is hard to believe even with Brunell, Smith and Taylor healthy the Jags will be competitive in the AFC.

And if the money was just pedestrian, you can ask why Coleman didn't make a second round of teams before accepting that particular deal.

Oh, well. We replaced the soon to be 32 year old Coleman with a younger, stronger player in Reynaldo Wynn, 27, who coincidentally came from the Jags.

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I think Trotter is a leader. But, I think Dotson replaces Coleman's leadership and certainly Armstead's loss in New York is felt by the players who have spoken about the loss of leadership when he came here. Leadership now won't disturb me as much as it would have without Dotson. That move was just right in my view.

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How do we know that Snyder called Coleman with the intent to lure him back?

Is there any corroboration of that story?

And what the hell does "In fact, friends of Coleman said they believed Snyder was willing to produce a more lucrative deal than the Jags." mean?

Who cares what friends of Coleman thought might happen!

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One can only speculate about why Coleman chose to accept the deal with the Jags, so that's what I'll do. There is a possiblility that Coleman and his agent felt that the deal from the Jags was as good as they were going to see. Considering this years f/a market and some of the signings so far, that wouldn't be such a bad assumption. We've commented more than once here on more than one player who has held out for a better offer only to see that particular tactic fail. He really is a stand up guy. I too will miss him but at least he wasn't a "bolt for more money" kind of a player.

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