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everyone is assuming that if Ramsey gets hurt that Brunell will be the starter. but if Campbell shows enough early on in camp and Brunell falters, you could see Brunell as the permanent #2 regardless of which of the other two is starting :)

I believe Gibbs when he says that Ramsey will be the starter in 2005.

If Ramsey goes down with an injury, however, I think you may be surprised at who ends up starting when the smoke clears.........

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Originally posted by dem"U"boys26/36

i just hope PR learns to stop staring down his wr's ,and learn to "mosh"(is that right?) the ball

the kids playaction is weak he uses his hand like they do in pee wee league

if this is corrected Pr will be very solid this year

If he's going to be moshing, someone tell him to leave the pit when the skinheads get there!

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