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Found 1 result

  1. Momma There Goes That Man

    Westworld - Season 2 Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Westworld Season 2 premiered last night on HBO. More than most other shows, Westworld seems to go out of it's way to cater to those that love digging into every little detail and quote for the clues to the puzzle. Season 1 was outstanding in the mystery of it all, unlike anything I've watched before. That in mind, I thought we could have a thread to keep all thoughts, questions, theories etc contained. Here are the season 1 recaps and season 2 trailers: ---------------------- Ok, so how about that opening episode? It was great way to kickoff the season, picking up right in the aftermath of season 1's explosive ending. Things we learned: 1. The park is on an island in what seems to be off the coast of China 2. There are multiple parks, at least 6 3. There are multiple timelines again. By my count, at least 3: a. Bernard waking up on the beach 11 days after the end of season 1 b. Bernard and Hale escaping the night of the season 1 ending c. Arnold (maybe Bernard) discussing his dream with Delores before Arnold's death? d. Not shown until the next episode preview but we see young William again so at least 30 years ago 4. The hosts have core-like brains inside them that can be removed and extracted 5. Delos is compiling DNA from the guests in the park 6. Stubbs survived his attack from Season 1 7. A bengal tiger from another park was found dead in Westworld. How is this possible? Do the parks border one another? 8. Delos is still trying to extract Abernathy, the host with all the data/IP from the park uploaded into him 9. Bernard apparently kills all the hosts in the park at some point in the next 10 days? This is unclear. Also, unclear how they were killed and where that massive body of water came from. Did somebody flood that valley, killing them all? Theory time! ok, mostly just observations so far. Bernard, at this point, strikes me as an unreliable narrator in a story. When he wakes up he's in a daze and completely confused by everything going on. In the early timeline he falls and hits his head, leaking come coolant and also nearly loses it. I'm not sure we can trust what we see in those scenes with him, when it is showing us his perspective. It seems Delos is compiling DNA from the guests. This is an insanely expensive park ($30,000+ per day?) so only the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world can come here. They could be collecting their DNA to make hosts to replace the real people and gain control of whatever companies or politics these powerful guests are involved with. I noticed that Ford's corpse had maggots in his shot out eye socket. This would seem to confim that he was a human and not a host, as many have theorized. However, the bengal tiger from another park is presumably a host, as all the animals in the park are understood to be, and also was decomposing and appeared to have maggots on it's body. This could be a subtle wink that Ford still isn't necessarily a human. I'll watch again tonight and see if i pick up anything else. I will say, the scope of the first season seemed much larger. I hope that this entire season won't be simply to reveal what happened in the 11 days after season 1 when Bernard wakes up on the water. I think we will see more flashbacks to young William possibly taking control of Delos and fully becoming the Man in Black. I also hope to see more of a young Ford and what his actual plan/game currently is. Maybe see why he ended up agreeing with Arnold after his death and setting all these events in motion over the last 30 years.