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Found 1 result

  1. The Redskins are now, in week 14, officially eliminated from the playoffs. So this is a thread about the draft order. Special note: If 2 teams are tied record-wise, the first tiebreaker is Strength of Schedule (SoS), not head to head matchup. I will keep this simple for myself and only include the teams ahead of us, and those within 1 game. So for now, this will focus on teams with between 0-3 wins, but that could change as the season goes on. I will update this each Tuesday after the new SoS are finalized from the week's games. My main source for the next couple of months will be PLEASE NOTE: This is a thread specifically for draft order and the rooting interest for draft positioning. There is already (at least) one thread dedicated to a discussion of rookie QB Dwayne Haskins. Please keep it there if this team does look to be headed for a top overall pick. Also, while I won't officially discourage talk about who to draft, there is the 2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread for a more in-depth discussion of candidates for our picks. The Unofficial Draft Order through week 9 of the 2019 NFL Season: 1. Cincinnatti Record: 1-12 SoS (Strength of Schedule): .575 Interesting Matchups Remaining: -Week 16: MIA Well look at that. Cincy CAN win a game. Maybe they have a few more in them? 2. NY Giants Record: 2-11 Sos: .462 Interesting Matchups Remaining: -Week 15: MIA -Week 16: WASH These ****s are creeping closer to that #1 pick. I hate them. Somehow, despite having a top 5 pick 2 years in a row, here the Giants are, in prime position for another playmaker (Like Chase Young). I hate them so much. Well, they still have the Fins and Skins to get thru, so they can easily pick up a few more wins. Keep your fingers crossed. 3. Washington Record: 3-10 SoS: .483 Interesting Matchups Remaining: (All, but for the purposes of this list specifically) -Week 16: NYG No 2nd rounder next year after trading back up to take Sweat this year. Dolphins SoS has gotten a lot higher over the season, so for now we stay ahead of them. 4. Miami Record: 3-10 Sos: .490 Interesting Matchups Remaining: -Week 15: NYG -Week 16: CIN From tanking to #4, can the Fitzmagic keep rolling? Interesting couple of weeks coming up for them with the teams holding the top 2 picks. 5. Detroit Record: 3-9-1 SoS: .498 Can they get Stafford back please? I know they have the tie holding them back, but they need some more wins. 6. Arizona Record: 3-9-1 SoS: .554 The tie, plus playing in the same division as San Fran and Seattle impacting their SoS, is not going to help the Cardinals out with many tiebreakers, but here they are. Every other team has at least 4 wins. Teams with 4 wins who are just outside my radar for this list: -Jags -Falcons Positive games from week 14: -Falcons beat the Panthers Who to root for-Week 15 edition: Bengals vs. Patriots -Yeah, I know. Lions vs. Bucs -They've got the tie holding them back, but it would still be nice to see the Lions get win #4 Dolphins vs Giants -On the one hand, assuming a Redskins loss, a Dolphins win gives them 4 wins (and adds 2 loses vs 1 win to our SoS) and keeps them well behind. On the other hand, a Giants win brings them up to 3, and that coupled with a Giants win against the Redskins would move them behind us. So....pick your poison. I say hope for the Giants to go on a winning streak. Cardinals vs. Browns -Again with the tie. Rather have that extra Cardinals win just in case. For those wondering how tiebreakers are determined: The selection order is based on each team's win-loss record in the previous season and whether the team reached the playoffs. Teams that did not reach the playoffs the previous season are ranked in reverse order of their records (thus the team with the fewest wins is awarded the first selection). Ties between teams with identical records are determined by the following tiebreakers (in order): Strength of schedule, which is the combined win-loss record for all 16 of the team's opponents in the previous season (ties count as a half win and half loss). The team with the lower strength of schedule (i.e. their opponents compiled fewer wins) is granted the earlier pick in round one. If the teams are in the same division, the other playoff tiebreakers will be applied in the specified order. If the teams are in the same conference, the other playoff tiebreakers will be applied in the specified order. Coin flip(s), which occur(s) at the pre-draft NFL Combine.