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Found 1 result

  1. Let's take care of some business first: I started this as a new thread after perusing already existing alternatives and being dissatisfied with the options, including a thread I MET'd awhile back trying to accomplish the same goal----which is to give a regular place to learn about, or comment on, movies that are in the making, or rumored to be so, but haven't got their own threads yet :cool: So if we're going to talk about Rocky #32 in here, it's fine until someone starts a thread just for that, and then we'd just post there to discuss that movie. To start off, I'd recommend a trip to the Marvel site for super-hero movies fans, as I found the notices of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man I can see lot of potential for both, although the Guardians I read is quite different than their newer manifestations. There is also stuff on other new Cap and Thor flicks (Thor looks to pick up where Avengers left off). Also, I was disappointed a few months ago when I heard Tyler Perry (c'mon) was going to be Alex Cross. And I guess the movie is disappointing money-wise as well as otherwise. Part of me is glad it's a dud hoping they ****-can Perry for any future possibilities for Cross movies. But to me it is too bad that Mathew Fox (who is supposed to be good in it) may suffer since this is his first big role since LOST. On a similar note, one of my favorite fun-reading-material characters is Jack Reacher of the Lee Child (pen name) novels. The guy is kind of a cross between Dirt Harry, Jason Bourne, and Kwai Chang Kaine, but more with the persona of some of the badass characters Charles Bronson often played in the 60's--80's. He's a drifter and loaner and retired major of a special MP detachment with deep ties to Special Forces. Not a lot of talk in him, but a lot of serious trouble if you get on his wrong side. I have long wanted to see Reacher in a movie, and thought he could be a great leading action character and the books always had straight-forward and very well crafted premises and regularly varying supporting characters. Probably the most singly emphasized physical characteristic is his height (like 6'3-5ish). It's a central feature every time his physicality is being featured (which is often). So I finally hear there is going to be a Jack Reacher movie and I get all jacked up and then....I find the star is ****ing Tom The Mad Manic Midget Cruise. And I hate Tom Cruise (thought the I like a number of the dip****'s movies,dammit). I could shoot him. I HATE he's got the role. A couple weeks later I saw some previews and it made me want to shoot him again. What a waste.