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  1. I've been trying to say this to everyone that thinks Redwolves and Warriors has a real shot. WFT is on the top of the list by a country mile, because Dan Snyder is absolutely the traditionalist 'glory days' fan that wants to maintain as much as Redskins legacy possible. There is absolutely no way he would choose any other name if he loves WFT, no matter how much branding and marketing potential you throw in his face for other brands. No matter how many polls say that something like less than 30% want to keep that name. He makes business and team decisions strongly based on his emotions. There
  2. I see some of you coming after KoolBlue while letting this poster continue on with this very clear anti-liberal tripe in almost every post they've made. I came here because I've lurked for years and thought the mods kept stuff like this in check better than what you see on twitter. I was wrong. Of course I'm not naive enough to think there isn't politics at play with the name, but most of us know the difference between this repeated quote above, and a healthy discussion over the name. This isn't the thread for KoolBlue to go deep into race, but it also isn't a thread for people to constantly t
  3. Not exactly in that critical or harsh of a way. I also don't think a lot of people are lying to themselves, they're openly honest about liking it mostly for carrying over the "red" and using HTTR. They'll tell you that's why. People in this thread have said that's why. Overall though yeah you're right, in a broader sense I think that's the only reason the name is as popular as it is, and I think most would agree with that being why. I don't think I even handed out a compliment to backhand? Is it your name to accept the compliment for? I don't have a camp for
  4. It's a well written response and I respect the way you came to your decision. I am not sure the majority that like redwolves would follow your same conclusions, as I believe the name became popular almost entirely due to the "red" aspect in it, but I think you said it well. I'm going to refer you to DCdangerous's last post because that summed up the "Red" aspect of this better than I could. I think there are some people that have the opposite of your #1, where they want to leave all NA and start fresh. I'm not sure exactly where I fall with that, but it's more towards fresh (while
  5. You imply the opposite in that anyone that chooses anything other than that name isn't being as charitable, which is the part I find laughable because that name is only going to be a name because of the Red connotation not because it's charitable. I already said I would work with the name Redwolves and howl with my kid. I'm focusing on the aspect I don't like because it's a forum and that's what we do. I see the marketability aspect, and the fun in it (though I disagree that you can't get most of what you can from just Wolves). I don't get this "let them be" list, as if this is abo
  6. Yeah not wasting my time rehashing all of this. There is no "we". I liked it, but it's gone. Time to move on, you're not getting the name back.
  7. I've already expressed why I think it's the least compromising, and most utterly defiant choice you could make with this name. It is a question mark for as long as it lives: "Why is that team just called football team?". The answer, is because people found the name offensive and the owner refused to change it to anything else after. It doesn't even tie us to Redskins, it ties us to this period in time where they took it from us and then left us in limbo. It's a jab and a middle finger back at those that told the team to change it, which might make some of this generation feel good, but then sa
  8. Speak for yourself, there is no "we" here.
  9. That's a purposeful misrepresentation of my example to fit this narrative that I'm somehow shaming anyone that wants to help animals. It's a tactic I've seen used over and over with anyone that goes against Redwolves, and honestly it's one reason Redwolves works as a counter to anyone that brings the Redskins association to it negatively. Part of its appeal to some, is the fact you can take part of Redskins with you, and if anyone comes at you then you can throw endangered animal back at them. For the record I don't even hate Redwolves. I will root for the Redwolves happily, and bu
  10. It only greatly influenced your choice to pick one of the same thing over the other though. That's what I mean, there are 2 different things at play. You can justifiably feel good about helping Redwolves, even if it has it's origins and most of its weight behind a parallel coinciding choice There are negative connotations with trying to use too much of the Redwolf animal history as a way to convince people as to why you chose it, when everyone knows why you were buying that car either way (as you explained with your douchebag example). I'm curious, do you think you might also
  11. It's like if everyone knew you loved this one red car, and now you were out looking for a new red one. Then you come home with a new red car, but then tell people part of the reason you chose a red one again is because they gave a little money to the homeless. That's not the real reason though, it's not even a reason, it's a feel good bonus. You just like red cars and everyone already knows that, so hearing this homeless stuff comes off as a little "eye-rolley". You know what I mean? Do you feel good about helping the homeless? Yes! So you can't say it's a bad thing. Just like with helping th
  12. To make it not self defeating I'll change it to Goldwolves, which still wouldn't crack the top 1,000, because it's not red (which isn't even our color it just matches Redskin). I don't think we're actually disagreeing here. You like the name first and foremost because it ties back to Redskins, and the other stuff is all bonuses as you said. We agree that this name wouldn't be a thing if not for it having Red in front. So now it's just about how much the extra wolf stuff matters to you. My point is that it's hard to take any of the extra bonus stuff seriously as an argument for that
  13. I'll say this because it seems to be a trending comment with some traditionalists I encounter. There are plenty of people that enjoyed Redskins for the time they had it, and are now ready to move on entirely to new imagery and traditions. Wanting that does not make you anti-Redskin before, now, and forever. For many, it isn't all about purging what people find offensive. The name is gone now, and it's not coming back. For some it's about closing that chapter and starting a new one. There are simply two ends of this spectrum, those that want to move on entirely, and those that want
  14. If Redwolves is one of your favorites and it doesn't have to do with Redskin traditions, I guarantee you are in the small minority. They don't need to move from DC. The teams past names don't even originate from DC or have any direct ties to DC. There is a difference between keeping the name tied to DC, and keeping it tied to Redskins tradition. The two have never been mutually exclusive.
  15. Yeah I'll agree to disagree here. I think it's great to feel good about all those things having to do with redwolves, including that the recognition would help them. It still comes down to the fact that if they were named anything else, it wouldn't even be a thought. That's what makes the entire thing disingenuous to me. It's a bonus for good feels, not the reason it's in contention at all. Bluewolves wouldn't crack the top 1,000 on the list. I don't see why we can't be honest about the names origins? The dual purpose thing comes off to me as trying to hide the tradition in another meaning tha
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