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  1. Why does anyone even care about developing him? He was hand picked by Snyder. Clearly a non-football person decision. Also not sure how you could watch the Browns game and think he has any hope. Blow it up and rebuild under Ron.
  2. You control the pace of the game by not fumbling the ball in the redzone then muffing a punt 5 minutes later in the first quarter. If we can fix those dumb mistakes and not go down 3 scores to start the game, that will help to establish all of those things you mentioned. The Browns looked good last week against the worst team (worse than us) from last year. Don't really understand penciling them in for a W.
  3. We can beat the Browns. We can beat most non elite NFL teams so long as we control the pace of the game and win the turnover battle. Going down 17-0 or more because of dumb ST and RZ turnovers is a near impossible hole to climb out vs even the weakest opposition. The only strength we have (and its a very big strength) is the D line and we have to put them in position to pin their ears back and create havoc. Hopefully Ron can get the boys to tighten the belt next week! HTTWFT
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