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  1. Hence why Brady's the GOAT. Chase has a lot to learn. I was disappointed in him yesterday. It's as if he was ineffective and obviously did not back up what he said about getting to Tom.
  2. Uhhh... I see what you did there. Reverse psychology...
  3. Beating Tom Brady requires an offense which we don't have... The thought of even coming close hurts my head.
  4. So we clinched against a team with 1 QB offense. Once that JH got switched out, we won. I'm going to enjoy this ugly W but so many things to worry about upcoming game.
  5. Anyone else think Doug purposely gave us the W? I mean why would anyone switch QBs when the game was too close to call and JH was running all over us?
  6. He carries such awesomeness! And he looks good doing so!
  7. The Bucs could rest their starters...
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