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  1. Kid is a baller. Was dropping dimes out there in a playoff game against a solid defense. Can you imaging the outcome if it was Dwayne Haskins out there? Arm strength is overrated. 90% of the game is mental. Make the right read, hang tough in the pocket and throw a catchable ball. Drew Brees has done that for over a decade.
  2. There are smurfs in the NFL getting it done. Not saying he's anywhere near the level of a Drew Brees or Russell Wilson... or even Baker Mayfield. But he's serviceable. He's smart, tough and can manage a game. He's a shorter version of Alex Smith, basically. Team can build around that and honestly... if a Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer can ride the coattails of a great defense to a Superbowl win then so can he. I say... stick to what's working. Keep building the trenches. You can never invest too much in a good O-line or D-line. We need better cornerbacks. If a great QB pros
  3. Hindsight is 20/20. He was a miss, but at the time it looked like a reasonable pick. Nobody blasted us for it. The selection of Daniel Jones however was ridiculed by everyone, including Giants fans. Coming out of college, Haskins looked like a solid prospect. He had just led the country with 50 touchdown passes. Came out of a pro style offense. Urban Meyer completely vouched for him (though you could argue that he would do the same for any of his players). His draft profile suggested he was a student of the game. Had a prototype build and live arm. Snyder knew
  4. 2-3 years? Did you see Jalen Hurts light up the Cardinals as a rookie? He lead the team to a win against the Saints. Haskins has shown no flashes of greatness... something all the best players have done early in their career. Just a lot of rookie mistakes as a second year player. The worst part is, most of his blunders are mental. He has no excuses. Haskins doesn’t have it. He’s all talk and no substance. He’s barely a backup QB in this league. The fact that he was made a captain is a joke.
  5. Skins 16 Seahawks 14 An ugly game. Both QB's jerseys are covered in grass 'n dirt. We get a defensive turnover which turns into a touchdown. Dustin Hopkins kicks 3 field goals. HTTR! I'm keepin' the faith!
  6. Dwayne Haskins, you gotta prove me wrong buddy. You gotta prove everybody wrong. On paper, this game is being handed to you on a silver platter. Seahawks rank DEAD LAST for passing yards. You will have opportunities. PROVE to us that you've been studying. PROVE to us that you've been working. You're a first round pick and a starting QB in the NFL. ACT THE PART. You've been backing up one of the hardest working, most courageous and most humble QB's in the NFL. You have no excuses. EVERYTHING has to be better. The mechanics, the reads and most impor
  7. Josh Allen is a different caliber QB this year. Had a QB guru completely transform him this off season. That team is really dangerous.
  8. Pittsburg is still a really good team. A ton of weapons on offense. Ben still a solid QB. Their defense is legit. TJ Watt is a pass rushing machine. They’re not as good as Kansas City, but they are legitimately the second or third best team in the league (up there with the Saints).
  9. I LOVE THIS DEFENSIVE LINE!!! Montez Sweat is the second coming of Julius Peppers! And Chase Young is continuing to evolve and improve as a rookie! This team plays hungry and angry. I love it! Bring on the playoffs! BRING IT!! HTTR!!!
  10. +1000 His attitude was the problem from the day they drafted him. He has a screwed up sense of entitlement. He clearly thought he should have been drafted first overall (or at least by his favorite Giants instead of Daniel Jones). Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees... those guys made themselves into elite QB’s. And they earned their teammates respect through their actions. When they messed up, they didn’t mope around or hang their heads... they got pissed off and went to work. They’re obsessed with being the best. Anything short of that, you have zero chance of being a
  11. I’m out fellas. This one is done. Gonna get my kiddos birthday present. Hopefully that’ll cheer me up.
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