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  1. Thanks for walking me through the TW hang up. We should just delete the TW thread with 442 pages of comments too since he’s not worth discussing until he gets traded. It’s possible and likely IMO TW comes to grips he’s screwed the pooch with his situation and understands he plays here under existing contract, or get the trade he’s seeking while either accepting a smaller deal or play under existing contract somewhere else in a prove it year.
  2. Just read Bart Scott is reporting OBJ is being shopped by CLE. I think he’s a better playmaker than Amari Cooper and will come at a much cheaper AAV. TW, QD, and a 4th. Lock it up
  3. SknzFeva

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Trade proposal. Skins package TW and DH, 3rd, 4th to SD in return for SD 1/6. SD gets their blindside for TB and their QB for the future. We can get Tua and Simmons potentially.