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  1. A-Lost-Wolf

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    Although I love watching football and “I” think I understand it for the most part “I” know that I don’t know as much as most here so I have a few questions about how this 4-3 works and why there is so much concern about our team being able to cover players with the current roster, I’m sure I’m missing something but this is what I am thinking... offensive line is (5) players of their allotted (11) that can be on the field on any given play. Pretty sure there is almost always a QB so that’s (1) more of their (11) players. so that’s (6) players we “usually” don’t have to worry about catching or running the ball. this is my assumption based on watching our D line the last few years that the opposition can’t stop Ion,Payne,Allen, and now with Young with just (5) lineman, you can’t double Payne and leave Ion alone, he can bull rush most everyone back fairly quickly if single blocked. That makes me think most teams will need to add a blocking TE on most every play just to allow their QB time to at a minimum a (3) step drop without having a Defensive Lineman in his face. with the added TE that’s (7) players that won’t catch or usually run the ball ( running QB’s ) excluded. so we use (4) they essentially have (7) players we don’t have to cover while our (4) rush the passer. so don’t we have (7) players to cover their RB and 2nd TE and receivers (4) players? Cant JDR scheme a way for us to on most plays be competent enough to minimize yards against us knowing we only need to rush (4) to get pressure on most plays ? Obviously if it’s that easy nobody would ever score so would someone with way more expertise help me understand and by “ way more expertise “ I mean pretty much anyone. thanks in advance for any insight y’all could provide.
  2. A-Lost-Wolf

    Welcome to the Redskins Saahdiq Charles, OT LSU

    Welcome to the NFL Sir, your reward for us selecting you is that you get to face Chase Young every practice. This will be fun watching these young players compete when that time eventually comes.
  3. A-Lost-Wolf

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Who is the miserable looking man in the pink onesie?
  4. Did Roger get a sunburn while wearing aviator sun glasses ?
  5. Hope the draft starts before I get drunk, blah,blah, blah LETS DO THIS DRAFT!
  6. A-Lost-Wolf

    The 2020 ES Draft Census

    This is truly freaking fantastic, I really appreciate all the work this must have certainly taken to compile. The format is so easy to understand that even I get it . I would continually read the draft thread over and over so I could understand everyone’s opinions on different prospects and try in my own head to rank what I was reading. thanks for all the hard work KDawg and all the contributors
  7. A-Lost-Wolf

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    If all accounts I have read of Mr. Young being a student of the game I would think that keeping Kerrigan around for an additional year would really help Chase with his development. This is all based on us drafting him at #2 of course. I would think Kerrigan would start the first game of the season and then be more of a backup to Sweat and Young. Personally I would love to see Kerrigan be the all time Redskin’s sack leader.
  8. A-Lost-Wolf

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Im with you sir, I have been at home for over (3) weeks straight, that’s more than the last 25 years of my working life. I have lurked as a guest for well over a decade and it took extreme boredom for me to make an account. Love this place and all it’s foorball related information and the usual joviality about our team and now that I finished the front yard I have little other interests aside from browsing here for hours a day hoping for a snippet of some new information. Best Regards,
  9. A-Lost-Wolf

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Usually, well almost always when someone says “nothing personal” it means they themselves are taking it ( the issue ) personal. I find that very interesting and this is only my 7th post I think. hope it’s as interesting that I chose to reply to this also
  10. A-Lost-Wolf

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    @kingdaddy i think you meant to put LDE after Chase Young?
  11. What is a franchise tag in the NFL? Non-exclusive franchise tag Definition and rules: The non-exclusive franchise tender shall be a one-year NFL player contract for ... — (A), The average of the five largest prior year salaries for players at the position at which the franchise player participated in the most plays during the prior league year, which average shall be calculated by: Summing the amounts of the franchise tags for players at that position for the five preceding league years Dividing the resulting amount by the sum of the salary caps for the five preceding league years Multiplying the resulting percentage by the salary cap for the upcoming league year — or (B), 120 percent of his prior year salary, whichever is greater. If the team extends the tender pursuant to this subsection, the player shall be permitted to negotiate a player contract with any club, except that draft choice compensation of two first round draft selections shall be made with respect to such player in the event he signs with the new club. Meaning: Non-exclusive tags are most commonly used. It means a team will pay the tagged player no less than the average of the five highest salaries at the player’s position over the last five years, or 120 percent of the player’s cap number from the previous season, whichever is greater. The player is allowed to negotiate with other teams, but his current team can match any offer sheet. If a player's current team declines to match another team's offer, it will be awarded two first-round draft picks as compensation. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/franchise-tag-nfl-meaning-deadline-2020-values-rules/1nn0kl8x7hg5210kevqk2oim4w think I did this right
  12. I do admire the amount of money S.A.S. Must have spent to stop his hair loss just short of the crown of his head. And I agree that he is unwatchable, there Wasn’t any real substance to his show back in the day and I can’t imagine it has improved.