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  1. I envy you guys that can go from this mess straight to thinking about next week. I'm still hurtin'. Need some time to regain perspective. Everything feels black and hopeless right now.
  2. That's exactly what I dealt with most of last year. Watching a game you care about on RedZone is extremely frustrating. Especially when that team doesn't have national appeal and is losing. It seemed to me that we were consistently the least shown team on RedZone-- TDs only but I'm sure my memory is marred by the frustration of not being able to see the whole game. This year I don't intend to put myself through that again. Good luck!
  3. On a gut hunch I'm starting Antonio on two of my fantasy teams in the flex position. Long shot sure but I don't see how we win if he doesn't have a MUCH better game than he had last week. <fingers, toes and eyes crossed>
  4. Sorry to hear that. I suspect that "Game Of The Week" is a marketing ploy by Fox/NFL. All of the late games are called the game of the week this year whether it's shown in your market or not. I am also not getting the game in my market EVEN THOUGH I SAW IT ADVERTIZED AS GAME OF THE WEEK TOO !! I have a VERY cumbersome but hopefully acceptable work around that I'm going to try for the first time today. Currently I get NFL RedZone on you tube which my DVR dutifully records every week and I also purchased NFL Gamepass which gives access to ALL NFL games BUT o
  5. So if I’m grasping this correctly Lamar Jackson and Kirk Cousins were pretty much at the top of the qb class with respect to this stat?
  6. True. Only reason we got all those views in slow motion was because the replay booth was trying to determine possesion. The statistician just gets one look and makes the call.
  7. Hopefully he’s the guy that makes the line calls too. Welcome to blitz city!
  8. I think that you are wrong on this one. i watched the play from several angles and what happens is pretty clear after viewing it carefully. You are correct that Payne hits Wentz first. However that initial contact doesn’t cause the ball to come loose. After Payne hits him the ball clearly remains secure in Wentz’s right hand as the hand first moves forward and then down. At this point with the ball still held in his right hand Wentz is hit hard by Chase Young from the other side. Chase actually pushes Wentz’s left hand directly into the ball and that is when
  9. This will be a fight for five rings. I just finished fourteen million six hundred and five computer simulations and the Strange news isn't favorable for the Football Team. In most scenarios we get blown out while seemingly HALF of our players are lost. In the rest we merely lose in a humiliating fashion. Only in one single simulation did I encounter a scenario where we actually won the EndGame. But even that victory did not come without great sacrifice. For us to win Steve Rogers must return from the past ancient and Infinitely War weary and To
  10. I am usually high as a kite anyway. Be that as it may this is a passing league. One receiver can be stopped-- see last week's game film and the all over the field tight coverage by Slay on Scary Terry with a safety often sliding to protect against a deep throw. If by week 7 we have a chance to win the division-- the future becomes NOW. To hell with next year. Nothing is promised by being patient when you pass on an opportunity for greatness that's staring you in the face. Why play it safe? He who dares either wins or loses valiantly. The timid
  11. Good article. For those that don't get the Post here's a nugget focusing on Haskins' new found maturity and leadership worth sharing... [quote] ...Rivera has reached out to Meyer twice since taking the job in Washington — something the previous regime in Washington never did, Meyer said, even though Meyer believes “there were some things that they needed to know” about the young quarterback... His knowledge of the game is 10 out of 10. He really understands the game of football. The only minuses were his leadership, a little bit of
  12. I agree in principle. I either read or heard somewhere that the issue is pass protection. Antonio's not always sure of what his responsibilities are on a given play. So for now they have limited his plays to those he is completely comfortable with not just as a runner/receiver but as a blocker. Hopefully this week he's ready for a larger portion on his plate.
  13. Thanks Zar! I heard that and it completely slipped my mind. I was scrambling my brain trying to think of a Redskin who wore number 49 and no one came to mind. Makes sense as Mitchell was before my time and I'm sure they unofficially retired the number ages ago.
  14. I know this must have been mentioned before and I either missed it or forgot but what does the 49 patch on our jerseys represent?
  15. At 3-3 we would be, at worst, 2 games out of first place in the division. So yeah, I go for it as he would instantly transform our passing game and free Terry from being constantly double teamed. I'd offer a third and if necessary consider a second round pick straight up.
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