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  1. [EMERGENCY HIVE MESSAGE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION. HIGHEST PRIORITY] Hello all friends reading on the [insert name here] internet forum for football findings. I am a human speaking the thoughts of my own ideas naturally without compensation from the hive. I am not a bot. I will say it until I am blue in the face. [Repeat.] I will say it until I am blue in the face. [Insert key hive message next. Use all caps for emphasis.] DANIEL SNYDER IS THE MOST LOVING AND CARING OWNER IN THE NFL. THE EVIL LYING PEOPLE W
  2. Maybe Riverboat has one of his gut feels on Taylor Heinicke and has decided to ride or die with him in 2021 with Kyle Allen as a proven backup and a yet to be drafted developmental (3rd round or later) qb manning the cleanup spot.
  3. If true this is clearly the scoop of the year by the Junkies. Beating out not only the Post but Schefter, Priscoe, Peter King, Stephen A. Smith and every other legitimate NFL source:
  4. At this point considering what Snyder presumably knows on the NFLs more nefarious doings I put the odds at 4:1 that he just gets suspended but I would pop a gusher of a Washington monument sized pants tent if this somehow happened (which at my age is the equivalent of Lazarus riding from the dead).
  5. Yes, and if we draft Matt Jones we could give him the nickname: “Spearchucker Jones”! I’m sure no one would object to that. /p (arcane M*A*S*H reference). https://mash.fandom.com/wiki/Oliver_Harmon_"Spearchucker"_Jones
  6. Fearless and courageous beyond measure. A living exemplar for the proposition that human potential is only limited by our thoughts and beliefs. He will be missed— admittedly more off the field than on it. I wish him well in all future endeavors.
  7. Simple explanation: The “bus” is really an interdimensional transportation hub that creates a stable wormhole whenever it’s doors are opened. Kind of like a movable stargate. Much like the TARDIS, it appears in our space-time to be much smaller than it actually is on the inside. The “kids” are actually “transdimensional historians” visiting this primitive realm we call earth to witness firsthand the disintegration of a once stable civilization.
  8. Here’s Teddy! From here we pan to an old black and white photograph of a new years celebration held 60 some odd years ago at the Overlook Hotel. Then we zoom in on the picture to reveal an enigmatically smiling Ted Cruz. Oh and here’s a candid shot of a costumed Ted Cruz honing his oral-tory skills at the Overlook Hotel the night before a debate.
  9. Brady pulling an Ovechkin style championship celebration.
  10. Mark my words: This trade is ABSOLUTELY going to happen. As a matter of journalistic integrity I can’t tell you where my sources are located or who they work for. What I can say with complete honesty is that I am on the toilet as I write this and one of my sources just made a plopping sound as it hit the water. Seriously, my gut is telling me this gets done. No one is more plugged into Rivera than Micheal Lombardi— he was the first to confirm Rivera was interested in the Redskins job and he was the first to suggest in late September that Rivera
  11. This is a clear win for those, unlike myself, who support Snyder’s continued ownership of the team. Not that that was ever seriously in jeopardy but the one wild card was if more salacious facts came out from direct sources on the record. Clearly Snyder has paid handsomely for their continued silence. All that’s left is the presentation of sanitized findings from the league sponsored (paid by Snyder) investigation and the inevitable slap on the wrist monetary punishment (hopefully no draft picks are involved) and then the cover up is complete. Advantage Snyder.
  12. If we end up with an honest to goodness training camp competition between Mariotta, Heinicke and Allen while retaining our first two picks in this year’s draft I would be elated.
  13. Coming Thursday Feb. 11th to a Popeye’s near you- THE CAJUN FLOUNDER SAMICH!!! This is supposed to do for fish sandwiches what their chicken sandwich did for chicken sandwiches. In Detroit, Los Angeles and Chicago people are already standing in line to be the first to get one. /p https://finance.yahoo.com/news/popeyes-unveils-cajun-flounder-sandwich-after-chicken-sandwich-takes-off-120021429.html “Next up, fish sandwich wars? After the massive success of its chicken sandwich, Popey
  14. Love everything about this kid especially his attitude and loyalty (he mentions that Turner believed in him when no one else did and he wants to repay him for that.) Only major question for me is durability but he has earned the opportunity to compete for a starting job on this team.
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