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  1. Wow well said man. Well said. I can’t find it in me to leave either! I want to out of anger because we are changing the name but it won’t be the same! I honestly just want a great name to replace it because a lot of the stuff I am seeing I am not liking at all and it is truly upsetting!! The Sunday before the Monday they announced that they were retiring the name and logo I thought they were gonna change the name too I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I have my heart in this team this team is in me I Love my Redskins. But I’m still undecided if I want to stay or leave! More th
  2. I just don’t think I can cheer for this team like I would my skins. I mean I could always just say Washington but not screaming let’s go redskins and hearing my 3 year old going to be 4 year old son next week scream “go Redskins” with me is killing me. I’m so undecided if I’m gonna stick around for this team or look for another. But even if I do find another I will never have the love for that team like I had for my Redskins! It is so upsetting!
  3. Maybe I’m just mad right now but I thinks it’s time to jump ship.......... I think I’m just mad. I’ll decide tomorrow after I call down a bit!!
  4. I’m rockin the REDSKINS gear til the day I die!! Name change and all they will always be the REDSKINS!!!!
  5. Very irritated with the fact that we have to change our name man!!!!! So upsetting!! I JUST CANT!!!! It’s pure BS!! #HTTR4LIFE
  6. Great sign though. I’ve read he’s turned last place defenses into 2nd Nd 3rd ranks defense so that’s what we need especially with all the great young talent and iioniadis looking like he’s just growing every year. Start putting Montez hand in the dirt like he wants Nd then add chase young into the mix. Man next year should be great for us.
  7. I’m out here in Cali surrounded by big headed niner and raider fans. Just horrible lol. Niner fans were no where to be found last year now everyone has flags flying on there cars and houses talking about FAITHFUL!!!! faithful is what skins fans are lol all this we been through and we still show our love for our team. Win lose or tie I rep my Redskins all year round!! That’s faithful!! Niner fans know nothing of that lol
  8. Yes it is I was looking for something all year to just rant after every loss and win of this season but couldn’t find anything. Tried the warpath but got bored of it real quick. Then found this after all the Rivera stuff started getting out. Nd this forum is active as can be so I’ll be on here every day lol. (Wife’s gonna hate me) but oh well lol o got a few buddy’s out here when I’m from that are skins fans too but I lost contact after I lost Facebook Instagram and all that other stuff so this will make up for it.
  9. I read he was gonna go to Cincinnati 2018 to be DC with Zac Taylor’s first staff but they didn’t like the fit. So talks ended. That’s what his wiki says. I’m guessing he might have wanted the time off to take away the stress of being a Raiders coach lol.
  10. Yeahh same here this all I’m on socially lol. Nd I bet I was on this all day yesterday after I was able to log on. Wife was going crazy over it lol. But hey I gotta talk with someone bout the skins or read more into what people think about it. She don’t understand Nd like I said my pops is a eeyore about it lol gotta hear something positive about the skins. I just wanna see them do good and hear someone else think positive with me lol. Now I know I’m not alone!! Lol. Glad to see more fans still have faith.
  11. Yeahh I went back a read it through so I didn’t get in trouble lol thanks.
  12. Next year is gonna be great. My dad been a fan his whole life but these past years he’s fallen off due to how horrible the team and front office has been doing. But now even he has a little excitement in him lol and that’s surprising because he is a eeyore about the team all the time lol. I really hope all this does turn the team around man! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS
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