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  1. If only he can muster another 2.5 sacks against Philly, he’ll be at par with, gulp, the one and only Nick Bosa!
  2. This assumes he’s capable of critical thinking and sound decision-making in the face of emotional distress
  3. There’s still the decision of what to do if Alex has issues going into the playoffs. Extend what we’re doing now or take a more principled stand then?
  4. Where ggarriso at? He’s been a huge Haskins apologist
  5. Let’s not rush to judgement on the young man just yet. Maybe the strippers were tested right before the party. Maybe they’ve already had covid months ago
  6. What a great story it will be when he’s at the podium during Super Bowl week!!!
  7. The man said he liked Chase but wanted to see more Production out of him. So he could claim that this fits right with what he was advocating all along, and that this doesn’t contradict his stand!! infact I bet that’s the angle that will play out
  8. I'd like to see a collision between Young Chase and King Henry..
  9. Chase is too much of a brute strength, sheer speed, natural bend, change-of-direction, hustle, motor and raw-instincts guys for my taste. I'd like to see more finesse moves and technique application from him. Like, say, I don't know, LAST YEAR'S DROY NICK BOSA!!!
  10. I didn't like the sorta lazy way he picked up the loose football. Seemed to lack a sense of urgency. And on the way to the zone, he carried the ball like a loaded, dirty diaper: far way from his body..There's a lot he has to work on..
  11. For the record: I love me some Young Chase, but man, he didn’t seem to be the primary force behind the GL stop
  12. His impact didn’t stop Snell, who was still surging forward after the low hit. It looked flashy but didn’t result in the play being blown up
  13. what did he do on that gl stop? not much to impact the outcome
  14. He didn't do much today in pass-rush..just dancing with the OL for the most part
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