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  1. BAQ. Best available Quarterback Allen is good but can’t survive a season. There appear to be some really good options. Hopefully we can get us one.
  2. I think I will always be a fan. I dvr the games sometimes when I golf, but I don't see leaving.
  3. I like some of these. I dont see snyder sharing the warriors name. I also dont mind Redhawks.
  4. Trump is gonna get curb stomped and he knows it. I hope Kamala becomes AG. She will lock on to Don and his criminal enterprise like no one before. She will never cave in.
  5. Peter King thinks we should trade down. That should eliminate this as an option now.
  6. He took chances that Kirk never takes. That shows he does not care about stats. Performed great on the biggest stage. I’m positive he will get in.
  7. Matt Ionnides is our best defensive player right now. I really look for him to reap the benefits of Chase Young on our line. They all will benefit.
  8. Hard to believe it, but we are getting CHASE YOUNG! Love it.
  9. The NFL is always last when it comes to solutions. Helmet technology commercials coming out on the NFl network show they are now trying, but Hello, it took private companies doing research for over a decade to get them to act. Without their funding. Again, criminal. I don’t believe the NFL will ever go to 18 games, but I don’t think they will ever admit it either. Doing so, they would admit that they were wrong on player safety. College targeting rules are the best way to save the players. It is not only to help the receiver of the hit, but the deliverer.
  10. Yet the owners were drooling over the possibility of 18 games. Criminal
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