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  1. Yeah - absolutely! Since most of us have probably been Redskins fans for a long time, it might help to have someone who can provide a more positive perspective (we've been so discouraged for so long).
  2. I have heard of athletes favoring a team - or putting a team low on their list - because of state taxes. I don't think it would be the PRIMARY factor, but it probably is one of the typical factors. The article even mentions Bryce Harper reportedly not wanting to go to the San Francisco Giants because of California's high taxes.
  3. Yeah, I'm sure the agents are aware...but I bet it comes as a shock to many of the players.
  4. Everyone is rightly focused on the Redskins' position in the draft, but let's not forget about free agency too. I ran across something interesting called "Kiplinger’s 2019 NFL Free Agency Tax Rankings" (https://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/taxes/T055-S001-what-state-taxes-will-nfl-free-agents-pay/index.html) that purports to show which teams have an advantage in free agency because of the state tax situation for their players. They measure the taxes at each team's practice facility - so Ashburn, VA, for the 'Skins. We're right in the middle - #16 of 32. I thought Virginia would be better overal
  5. Oh, no...become friends with the owner and you get a good gig. That's no way to run a business. If he wants to start at a low-level front office job, then fine. Even better if he does it with another team, where there's no chance of even an appearance of favoritism based on a relationship with the owner.
  6. Agree...he's been a great Redskin for so many years. BUT, it's time for him to go. We need to rebuild, and that means getting rid of expensive veterans like Kerrigan. Nothing personal, and I too hope he lands in a good place.
  7. Let's also not forget that thousands of seats in the upper deck are covered up. All those pics of empty seats would look even worse without the tarps!
  8. I feel sorry for younger fans who weren't around or don't remember the glory days (70s to early 90s). It must be impossible for them to fathom what the Redskins meant to this town back then. The Caps and Nats winning championships were great...but IMO the level to which they energized the city pales in comparison to the electricity the Redskins generated in their Super Bowl years. You had to be there to believe it...and, damn, I miss it.
  9. I don't really miss him. He may have kept us out of the gutter (like 1-9), but he was never going to elevate the team to a championship level. Not worth the money to stay a 7-9 to 9-7 team. I thought we were better off with Alex Smith...that didn't work out, of course, but you can never predict injuries like that. I wish Cousins luck with the Vikings, but I'm not shedding any tears because he's gone (there are too many other things with the Redskins worth crying over).
  10. Hate to say it (because I want a high draft pick), but I think the 'Skins might win this one since Stafford is probably not going to play. Redskins - 13 Lions - 10 If Stafford is healthy enough to play, they win 20 to 13.
  11. Time to go rake some leaves before it gets too dark. I'm sure I won't miss anything worthwhile from the 'Skins.
  12. Leave it to the Redskins to make the Jets look like the Patriots (at least on their first drive)!
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