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  1. Manfrommaine68

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Does anyone really care how the rest of the season plays out? We have been terrible since 91. Dwayne Haskins should not be playing. The season is lost and the team is setting him up for failure. They should be grooming him for next year. Even if Alex Smith comes back Haskins can wait and learn. It’ll only be a matter of time before Smith is done if he’s not done already. This team has been cycling through quarterbacks for years. I’ve almost lost count. We’ve had some good pieces and injuries have been constant. But good pieces doesn’t finish the puzzle , you need all of them. Something that hasn’t been there for all of us long suffering fans. When will Dan Snyder get a clue. Bruce Allen should have been gone along with Trent Williams. Bad decision after bad decision for almost 30 years. Washed up players passed their prime, no defense, occasional flashes of offense and the aforementioned quarterback carousel. Those are just the obvious deficiencies. Sometimes I wonder how I’m still a fan. Granted there are worse teams that have never won a championship but I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll be alive to ever see my beloved skins win another one. I’m 51 now and with the ways thing have been going I’m seriously doubtful. Is there anyone else that feels this way or is it me