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  1. I can't remember being more apathetic about a hire. Hopefully he works out, who knows
  2. Seriously, this whole forum is going a little bit koo koo right at this moment
  3. First of all, this is a little bit silly that we're already talking about this. Second of all, I want to apologize in advance to Mr. Young
  4. Hopefully we can even get a second He's a commodity with a limited shelf life and we have no leverage. If people wait us out they won't have to even trade anything for him. Realistically I think we get like a third and a fifth, like the AB trade. Both circumstances involve a high level talent on a team with zero trade leverage.
  5. Utterly impossible to even guess at this point. Skins fans and extreme opinions, name a more iconic duo
  6. Your poll is ridiculously limiting so I'm not voting on either option. I'd encourage everyone to embrace less black and white thinking... If there's someone they like at QB in later rounds, sure, we need depth across the board, but we need to straight up draft BPA in all our picks because our depth is so bad.
  7. Yeah I mean that's a pretty realistic time frame too. He looked really legit the last two games. Too bad he got hurt
  8. The good news is tickets are so cheap now Hopefully you can live your dream one day
  9. Just get them for four bucks on Ticket Hub XD Unless you're kidding which is entirely possible I think a lot of us believe that a good Bruce Allen team is a fantasy, so he needs to blow it hard enough to get fired so we can move on.
  10. It's just too early. Talk to me at the end of next season and we'll know more about where he's at.
  11. Had no idea Kelce and Kittle were third rounders Kittle totally carried me in FF last year Pretty sure Cooley was a third rounder too, and he was a total stud, regardless of what anyone thinks about his broadcasting career (which I think he's pretty good at, for the record
  12. Definitely disagree with the QB choking. There should have been timeouts used when the eagles got inside the ten. He should have had over a minute to work with. Then he completes a bunch of chunk plays down the stretch in a 20 second timetable to even give the team a chance, he gets blown up with six seconds left at the 40 yard line, how is that a choke exactly? Callahan blew an extremely easy decision to call timeouts. He's the head coach by way of our front office. It's like a stack of dominoes and you're only looking at the absolute last domino, which I would arg
  13. I didn't call "it" delusional, I called "you" delusional. We all saw it. We all seent it. You have a very peculiar interpretation of the events, that's fine. It's good that you admitted it was a hopeless situation. I think that's a good first step towards recovery.
  14. I'm not too worried about the outcome of this particular game, but if I bet the Skins to cover I'd be on suicide watch
  15. A delusional person saying someone made a mistake does not make that a reality I'm just going to leave you to your dreams of watching Haskins throw the ball over them mountains
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