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  1. Yeah. The current state of the organization is killing me. Not trading Trent is the worst...just makes zero sense.
  2. IS that your passive-aggressive way of telling me I posted it in the wrong place? My bad!
  3. It's certainly not positive, but it's true and I think a lot of hardcore fans are feeling the same way
  4. Hey guys!! Soooo it's been about 10 years since I frequented here, and life got busy, so my old Helikcx17 name is gone now. Or at least I forgot the password. I have been writing for Drafttek.com and HogsHaven.com, and I just put up my weekly article today for Hogs Haven. Thought you guys might enjoy (or not enjoy). It isn't nice to the organization. You can follow me on Twitter @Kennedy_Paynter ! Have at it! https://www.hogshaven.com/2019/9/23/20878964/illegal-notion-tailspin-redskins-nfl
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