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  1. No, I dont know what you mean. I asked a simple question. What does he have to do? You said "win a game that matters". He played in washington for most of his starts to this point. washington is arguably the worst professional sports team in all of the 4 major professional sports. I am not eliminating everything Cousins did in Washington to say he can only be defined by a game or two per season. Because he PLAYED in WASHINGTON. Where Hall of Fame coaches are losers. Where super bowl winning coaches are losers. Where heisman trophy winning cant miWRITE THIS DOWN IN YOUR NOTEBOOK:
  2. let me know when you're ready to show off those debate skills, sweetie. Particularly, since one of the questions I posed to you has no possibility of being answered in your little "plan" in some comment somewhere, which of course you won't address. I won.
  3. that's a lazy response. So, let kirk walk as in not try to trade him beforehand? And no effort to replicate this production yet he sits 31 other teams have QBs ranked lower than he. Obviously, several are better than Cousins. But many are not, especially any who have played in DC, including that fella Case who you mentioned recently. The Skins have had much effort to replicate it, and they havent. So you're wrong there.
  4. once. instead of sending me on a wild goose chase through a thread, you can just simply answer the questions right here, right now, so I get notified and I dont have to waste more time finding your responses. I know, that's a tough and unfair concept to make you respond directly to the specific questions I asked and not your "plan" somewhere hidden in this thread that may or may not answer the specific questions. your claims of debate skills over me are unfounded. i cant even get you to do simply reply and comment.
  5. hey, at least you're willing to attempt to answer the question unlike master debater boy. But, your answer.....win a game when it counts. That's it? Like, win 1 game when it counts and then you'll admit you were completely wrong on Cousins? Really?! That's it? Like, how are you going to define "a game when it counts". A regular season game against a better opponent? A game to get into the playoffs? A single playoff game? Does he have to win the Super Bowl this year to say maybe we should not have gone the alex smith (for almost the same amount of money!) , followed by these others
  6. ok, master debater, lol, you can start by answering the 2 questions you conveniently have by-passed. what, the ben shapiro school of debating didnt teach you fanboys to address all questions before making claims of debate skills? Hahaha.
  7. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! Ok, sweetie. This ain't my first rodeo. the picture below is the picture of me being frightened at your claim here online. Which is one I may have heard a time or two for 20 + years. LOL, you're fun.
  8. thats what I thought. You've got nothing, including answers to my two simple questions above. Probably because of fear.
  9. because football is a team game, not a single player game like tennis.
  10. wow, what I would say in response to this crap would get me kicked off so I have just two questions for you: 1 . what does Kirk Cousins have to do where you would say "I was wrong" ? 2. what was YOUR plan for the QB position in Washington then? Let him go and go get WHO in the draft or in FA?
  11. i saw the best QB they've had in 20 years and no one was close.
  12. yep, when they're selling they get pennies on the dollar. and when they're buying (which is more frequently) they get fleeced by Andy Reid who has a picture of Bruce Allen on his nightstand. i saw all 3 seasons. I cancelled my all22 when they didnt resign Cousins. Which was a good decision because since his record breaking passing seasons in DC, the team cant even field a forward passing offense anymore, including that bum Alex Smith.
  13. yes. We never saw Cousins be the starter with Mike Shanahan the head coach for a season. Or, if today Cousins was the QB and McVay was the Head Coach - I would sign up for that in one minute flat. I've always been a believer in Cousins, since 2012. Most of the people here who are glad he's gone probably never saw Mark Rypien play QB here in 89-90, when he was seen as a shy, mistake prone, nervous nelly but with a penchant for the long ball. he was booed in washington at times leading into 1991. Cousins of today reminds me of the 1990 Mark Rypien. All Rypien was a better team around h
  14. and this is why I don't understand Dan Snyder. This is a FIREABLE offense. Other GMs, who reign over other losing programs, when they make a timing mistake like this - they get fired. This is Bruce Allen's second unforgivable, fireable offense in 2 years. First there was Kirk Cousins. A QB who, going into 2017, his Owner, Snyder, described him as a "franchise QB" and "we don't have to worry about the QB position". And to lose your "franchise QB" (according to Allen's Boss) for nothing - that never happens in this sport, EVER! not even in San Diego with Brees (a different situation, inju
  15. My guess is they are going to go all out for Urban Meyer. And the only thing that will stop them is Urban himself. However, smart people with good football instincts in the past have been lured by Snyder's $$ (Schottenheimer, Gibbs, and Shanahan). They want Meyer because Bruce Allen has probably already made his large vision pitch to Daniel Snyder for 2020. And Snyder likes it. And that's why Bruce Allen is still here and if they get Urban Meyer he will stay here. With Meyer recently saying he would coach in the NFL (Dallas), this has probably got Dan at full attention. Also, note the
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