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  1. Seeing Jerry look like he ate bad fish was the best part of the game
  2. Having drinks with his buddy Jerry
  3. Garrett knows he’s gone, he was smiling until Philly went up in the third quarter. Glad I don’t need to look at his shi** eating grin anymore.
  4. Greg Williams hasn’t been a great HC so far .300 to .400 record
  5. One of those head coaches is not like the other
  6. Perfect ending to, we have a damn good culture, we’re close Bruce era
  7. I thought they could interview during the wildcard week since they are off
  8. if Dallas wins I want the Eagles/giants game to go to overtime with the eagles winning for that special rip your heart out moment for all the Dallas fans
  9. Dallas endangering Elliot on a useless play. Smart of them
  10. Harmon has been called slow but his 40 is 4.6 and Michael Irvin’s 40 was 4.52.
  11. If it takes this long it means they are going to screw somebody
  12. Can someone please rip that snot ring out of Elliots nose
  13. Never let them see you, sweat
  14. Bruce must have pictures of Dan