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  1. What facts are you relying on in making that statement? I am relying on the video that everybody can watch, and is not disputable. And the witness statements of Riche McGinness, and I have not seen any contradicting statements from actual eyewitness to shooting of casualty 1.
  2. Kyle is possibly guilty of carrying a firearm under age 18 (if he had a safety class this apparently doesn't apply). He is also guilty of a curfew violation, along with everybody else there. However, he also has a basic right to self defense, and the video and witness accounts clearly establish that each of the three people he shot posed a risk to him of death or serious bodily injury: 1. The first casualty can be seen on video attempting to start an altercation with other members of the armed group (shoot ME !@*!), then can be seen on video chasing Kyle after Kyle att
  3. He is not a victim if the shoot was lawful, and it has not yet been determined to be an unlawful shoot. Regardless, he created the situation and put the officers in a very bad position. That is his fault and he is to blame for it.
  4. By pronouncing Blake a "victim" you piously absolve him from any consideration of blame. In fact, Blake is a criminal, who is broke the law, refused to comply with police, and got himself shot. The shooting has not been determined to be a bad shoot. It may very well be a good shoot. Regardless, Blake is not a victim but a criminal and an instigator. Just like the vast majority of individuals injured by police.
  5. It seems like you don't need to care what they think....you already know what's best for them.
  6. What you call "distractions" never should have been allowed to arise above meaningless background noise.
  7. IMO fan input is meaningless. There will never be consensus among fans. NBC Sports Washington is heavily pushing redwolves….media slant can and will give certain names the appearance of an edge among fans, but I believe that to be illusory. Probably the bigger issue is, once they have a name, clearing the trademark path etc.
  8. Even Baghdad Bob knows when it's time to give up the ship.
  9. I am likely completely done but want to at least wait see how the new name and logo pan out. Having a hard time blaming Dan due to the pressure of sponsors and the NFL. The NFL should have supported the franchise. Dan not funding is NA foundation last year was pretty pathetic. I know the Redskins have had a lot of support from NA's going back to the 70's maybe the trend has been away from that more recently. I feel like a complete shift away from NA imagery in sports will create greater distance between NA issues and the general public. If the new name and logo c
  10. But if Bezos wants the team, that's the one thing Snyder can make sure he never gets.
  11. Attempts at themes and logos to make "red wolves" work seem to be becoming more ridiculous by the moment.
  12. Except "Redskins" name and logo neither contributed to nor celebrated "centuries of slaughter, rape, displacement, and appropriation" or certainly neither you nor I would be a fan....right?
  13. Rational arguments can't stem from a series of ridiculous non-sequiturs. Try making your point using the facts at hand.
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