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  1. **** it, I'm gonna get an Xbox. I've had Playstations for 25 years now, I'm ready to try something different.
  2. This post reminded me of this story from two seasons ago https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2018/11/20/im-sick-this-wizards-dysfunction-boils-over-into-verbal-altercations-recent-practice/
  3. It's not like they just botched the state again, either. There isn't an Edison County anywhere in the country
  4. Eagles vs Cowboys on the 27th is gonna be must watch for me. I have no idea which of them is worse at this point Old team, bad drafting, injuries, and then Frank Reich leaving for Indy really hurt them I think (Wentz and the playcalling has gone to **** since).
  5. Those tweets are just scratching the surface. Herbert is my fantasy QB and I really enjoy watching him play so I subjected myself to the entire game. Holy ****. Lynn is easily the worst coach in the NFL not named Adam Gase. And when it comes to in-game management, he might even be worse than Gase. Those tweets cover the final series but he was making boneheaded decisions like that the ENTIRE game. Haven't seen anything like it since Zorn. And it's crazy because the Chargers have a ton of talent (Herbert is possibly already a top 10 QB, Keenan Allen is a top 10 WR, Ekeler was back this week, t
  6. Probably helped that I didn't pay for it but I enjoyed it for what it was. Nice to see two legends again. A comforting distraction.
  7. We must be watching a different BYU game And then submarined a screen pass with a defender in his face for a TD
  8. Fields not seeing the pressure coming from the front side is concerning. Happened a few times now
  9. Support for M4A drops hard when you explain to people it means abolishing private insurance, something that's way to the left of basically the entire rest of the developed world.
  10. I think he means Lara Trump, Eric's wife. W and Laura don't want anything to do with Trump
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