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  1. Yeah I feel stupid for pushing hard for Kimbrel last year. Cubs gave him $43 mil and he finished last season with 6.53 era and his era is in the 30s so far this season.
  2. It's easy to make jokes or be scornful but I just find it so immensely sad that people are putting themselves at risk and ultimately sacrificing their lives for Donald ****ing Trump. It's so damn depraved it's depressing.
  3. Probably the best game of Kieboom's career. Solid at the plate and in the field
  4. Trump is toast. You all need to get over your 2016 PTSD
  5. Jack Brewer ^ is the guy who called Trump "the first Black president" earlier in the year
  6. Still better than Wizards But seriously, I'm fine with it. I was worried they were going to rush a new name through and **** it up so I can definitely live with this.