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  1. If we won a Super Bowl, I wouldn’t care if we used half of the Cowboys team....It wouldn’t feel cheap.
  2. My man just told Tyreek peace the same way Tyreek does it when he’s running away from people.
  3. Why do I feel like someone is going to crush Mahomes every time he takes off running....
  4. That 4th down was on Jones, while watching g replay he looks like he kind of jumps at the goal line. You gotta keep the feet chopping and driving, if ya jump I feel like you have to jump over.
  5. Alex Smith, you are a class act! I’m glad he accomplished getting on the football field again. Its time for him and Washington to move on now though.
  6. I was hopeful for that game too. They came out and completely crushed us. I remember being so angry....lol
  7. Hey look, there’s one of the holes they didn’t call last week. They call it now....
  8. Has anyone seen Tampa Bay's offensive lineman with their arms around people like they were last week?
  9. If the Browns had only played well in the first half.....
  10. I feel the same way. Opinions are like assholes and they all stink. Just play football young Heinicke! I’ll root for you like hell if you lay it all on the line the same way you did last night!
  11. I used to think that the lack of production had a lot to do with Scott Turner and the play calling. I now understand that could be false because Heinicke went in there and crushed it.
  12. They were tackling our guys out there. Ron even mentioned the fact that he was irritated with the non calls.
  13. Bro, I saw this over and over again tonight. It was disgusting. They want Brady to win.
  14. I say give him a 4 yr 20 mil with a team option after 2 years. The team responds to this dude, he gives 110%. He had me so hype with his play tonight. Above all else, we have HOPE! I haven’t had any faith in this team in a while. We now have that hope as a fan base that we’ve been looking for.
  15. For sure, even though I’ve seen the man drop some easy ones as well....he totally redeemed himself
  16. Heinicke has to be our Qb next year barring we bring in a super star...
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