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  1. It's Cooley. He called Kyle and he called McVay VERY early. He's also called KOC. The guy seems to be well respected by players, has been around innovative offensive minds and is essentially ready for the gig. If he hits, he's a HC candidate. Would have had to offer Roman the head coaching gig. He'll get one of those, or coach the most exciting offensive player in the game. We could be declining such requests at this point. We have no idea what interest there is outside of Redskins park re: KOC.
  2. KOC has a great reputation, for whatever that's worth. To me, that means if we hire him and he succeeds, he'll be a head coaching candidate as soon as next year. I'd love to have him run the offense, but would prefer stability to be honest. With that in mind, I think I want Pat Shurmur. Very successful OC who has failed twice as a head coach. He would be here until/unless he fails. He's essentially a little younger Norv Turner insofar as his HC days are behind him. That would give us the stability we need, perhaps without the exciting upside of a KOC.
  3. I could totally see Greg Olson taking a 1 year swan song deal with his boy Ron. I'm not saying he's a difference maker, but it might be a low cost bridge for a young guy. Burton, don't love, but was once highly thought of before going to a train wreck offense. Might be worth it. There are others, but those two are ones I hadn't heard.
  4. Random thought. Two TEs that I wouldn't be shocked if they become available and/or end here. Trey Burton, Greg Olson.
  5. Don't forget the leaked pictures of drunk Jay Gruden with some chick. Really classy, this org.
  6. 1. So a guy who's apparently credible says Meyer has been chosen. 2. People say, what about the Rooney Rule? 3. Many leaks follow saying that report isn't true and then mentioning three guys (Marvin Lewis, Raheem Morris and Ron Rivera) who satisfy the Rooney Rule. They're even throwing rumors out there about Bruce sticking around. I have no idea what will happen, but I'm not buying for one second that Bruce Allen stays. He's an albatross tied around the franchise's neck. The place is in ruins, and he's the only one other than our dear owner who can be the scapegoat. This
  7. Sure, no observer, no matter how informed, can figure out what is wrong with the Redskins. it's as unknowable as what happened to Jimmy Hoffa and was there really a city of Atlantis. I'm going to work on figuring out the problem in DC as soon as I find the treasure on Oak island.
  8. Not asking me, but he won at Utah, Florida and OSU. He also left disgraced from two of those jobs.
  9. He's becoming the most credible person after Schefter. Seems to be getting more than Rappoport and LaCanfora at this point. No idea if he's right about this though. Skins may be coy because of Rooney Rule.
  10. A lot of that served Bruce's interests. I think he's the source for a ton of the Scotty M., Kirk, Jay and Trent leaks. Casserly was a failure of a GM. Not just with the Skins. With the Texans too. Pretty much this. Regardless of the truthfulness of the rumor, it represents a bad process, so we'd be lucky if the results worked out the way we all hoped.
  11. Props? The only potential Redskins HOFer wants to leave. We reportedly way under bid our awesome guard. Mason Foster. DJ Swearinger. Cousins. RG3. Mike and Kyle Shanahan. Zorn. Gregg Williams. Champ Bailey. Norv Turner. Bruce Smith. Deion. Marty. Moses, Cravens and Doctson have all, in different ways, expressed some kind of solidarity with Trent and the training situation. They couldn't even find a new D coordinator because nobody wants to be here. The list is so much longer than the one above. It's filled with former Redskins who hate this franchise. Now one of the best wants out.
  12. I'm not saying we're all wrong on Harmon, but he wasn't just forgotten by 32 teams for 6 rounds. They get paid to do this and chose others over him for their own reasons. He, and hopefully a good QB, will have to prove them all wrong.
  13. Anything can happen in a game, but the only way Barkley is a non-factor over time against us or anyone else is either injury or ineptitude by the Giants. We'd have to be 2000 Ravens good on D to think that's possible.
  14. Ummm, what? Really, what? Saquon will become a non-factor when he loses his other-worldly athleticism. He is a freak that is destined for the HoF if he stays healthy. Generational talent. I love that we got Sweat too, but be realistic.
  15. I thought the same thing. Then realized they have Clowney, Watt and a QB that was sacked about 1,000 times last year. They needed OL too much to go any other direction.
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