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  1. These Proud Boy protests remind me of a 2-year-old that's sleepy but doesn't yet understand the feeling of getting sleepy, so they start screaming and throwing a tantrum because the feeling makes them uncomfortable.
  2. Ugh, I just found out a family friend passed away from COVID in the past week or so. Dude was in his early-to-mid 50s with two daughters (both college aged). I've only had limited contact with the family over the past decade so I don't know if there were other risk factors, but wtf. He was heavily into martial arts and hitting the weights when he was in his 20s, so I have to think he always maintained some level of activity. Super gregarious awesome guy. If I had to say one bad thing about him, it was that he was an NBD Cowboys fan (j/k). I can't imagine what that family was g
  3. Agree 100%; This is part of the reason people dislike democratic leaders. they get anointed with accolades just for showing up. Yes, I'm very happy that Biden was elected president, but there is much to fix in this country right now- COVID, Iran, wealth inequality, healthcare, national debt, police-community relations, etc. Let's actually fix some stuff before we start handing out awards. Obama winning the Nobel Prize in 2009 was equally bad IMO. He even acknowledged that in his recipient speech.
  4. I'm reading the alternate reality where these people exist on a different board. It's amazing the number of armchair statisticians and constitutional scholars we have in this country. It's also terrifying
  5. Oddly enough, in colonial times, the war on Christmas was fought from the religious right. They were offended that anybody would try to commercialize the birth of their savior, and enjoying the Christmas season was seen as disrespectful to its religious origins, which is exactly why they left England. Christmas was basically banned in many parts of New England. This continued well past the founding of our nation, into the 19th century. https://newengland.com/today/living/new-england-history/how-the-puritans-banned-christmas/
  6. I'm not a lawyer, but when it comes to executive orders, Trump has consistently issued them with large fanfare but with minimal instruction on what happens next for the people who enforce policy or are affected by the orders. For instance, when he issued the first travel ban in 2017, there were law-abiding US greencard and visa holders literally sitting in airplanes on their way back to the US from some of those countries. When they landed, the border control checkpoints didn't know how to process them. Do they get sent back because of the travel ban? Do they get let in because th
  7. Did they though? What you're watching in GA is literally what I described. A few sane actual conservatives in office getting branded as RINOs and part of the deep state at the hands of the conspiracy theorists. Don't get me wrong-- I agree with you that its pretty much 80% insane at this point. But there are a handful of actual sane people left.
  8. It's a bit comical that we've all been bemoaning the Democrats' Big Tent problem (see Biden/Hillary versus Bernie, or Pelosi versus The Squad), while being completely oblivious that the Republicans have had their own Big Tent problem (actual conservatives, who I like, versus conspiracy theory nutjobs, who nobody likes). They've ridden that wave as far they could, and its hilarious watching that coalition fall apart.
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