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  1. Meanwhile in Dallas... https://twitter.com/clarencehilljr/status/1320850737375621122?s=20
  2. Lol these are people who eat horse manure to celebrate. COVID is the least of their health concerns.
  3. Eagles fans in mid-season form... https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1317962339350700035?s=20
  4. Isn't this literally what cult leaders do? They convince their followers that any failings of the leader are the fault of the followers' lack of faith. I seem to remember reading this about Jim Jones.
  5. I actually feel really bad for Barron. Whereas his three oldest siblings actively participated in the dumpster fire, and Tiffany at least went along with it, that kid is like 17 and will live the rest of his life being associated with this mess for no fault of his own.
  6. LOL, last week they were all claiming Biden was a coward and wouldn't attend the next two debates.
  7. The H1-B is a raw deal for American workers and the foreign workers who get them. It basically amounts to indentured servitude for visa-holders and cheap competition for Americans. It only works for the companies that employ the H1B holders. Oddly enough, the most sensible thing to do is give the H1B holders MORE rights in the system. That means ensuring they're paid a market-rate US salary for the skills they bring. It also means giving those workers the right to change jobs like any American (i.e. don't tie the visa to the employer). That way, companies will be reluctant to u
  8. I had big plans for my 40th birthday until COVID hit. Instead I spent the last week enjoying breweries, fall colors and amazing hiking in northern Michigan. I hiked Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula on Monday, which was easily the highlight of my trip. I'm took lazy to transfer and post my pics here, but Lake Superior is INCREDIBLE. It blows my mind that such a place exists in 'flyover country' https://picturedrocks.com/our-stories/why-fall-is-the-perfect-time-to-see-pictured-rocks/
  9. Trump campaign plays up Biden's skills ahead of Cleveland debate: 'He's actually quite good' https://thehill.com/homenews/media/517412-trump-campaign-plays-up-bidens-skills-ahead-of-cleveland-debate-hes-actually They're already lining up the post-debate talk track- Supposedly Biden is too senile to do anything other than reading off a teleprompter but he's also a skilled debater from his years of experience. Remember when people complained that Hillary was over-prepared for the debates? I thought that was the point.
  10. I went hiking outside Madison, WI over Labor Day weekend and it was all Trump signage there. A lot of my friends in Chicago from smaller towns say their FB feed is almost all pro-Trump propaganda. I imagine theres a good number of skittish Biden voters who aren't as vocal after the Dems got pantsed in 2016, but I won't believe anything at this point. 2018 definitely didn't bode well for the Republicans, so theres that too.
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