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  1. TheYappingDog

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    For all my doom/blow it all up on the insomnia thread - if they convincingly won the last 3 with JJ looking competent, good defense, teams, time managment, playcalling and not getting humiliated in the playoffs - that would change my mind on Gruden That said, i'm in my current mindset as I've not seen anything like the above in gruden's tenure here, I pretty sure he is what he is
  2. Agree with you 100% - 2019 draft is not the year to get our QB Furthermore with Gruden in place no year is the right year to get a qb
  3. Get mad at me all you want. I've adopted my stance after last week's first quarter against the giants. It was without a doubt the worst quarter of redskins football I have ever seen and the sad thing is seeing people get all perky when Josh johnson has two touchdown drives - and don't forget the two pointers that were the icing on the cake in humiliating futility. I want to see them quit and broken I want ticket sales go through the floor I want to see a sea of green and blue when Philly and the giants come to FedEx I want to see merchandise on huge discount that we still don't buy We eek out a win or two and mark my words all concerned talk their way around snyder to keep with the program (even though there actually is no plan) and roll into next season with Josh Johnson like we've lucked into Tom Brady on wheels So don't question my fandom and I won't question your logic in rooting for pointless wins.
  4. I want a stinking steaming 50 burger dumped on us.
  5. TheYappingDog


    I initially thought how the hell is our long snapper hurt but then I realised that we'd punted so many damn times it's obviously an overuse injury SMH. This team
  6. TheYappingDog

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Pretty much this. Just ask Cleveland and Giants fans
  7. Panic sign an aging mediocre and expensive qb in week 17 so he can lead us into the playoffs - because anything can happen in the playoffs! Right? where we win the wildcard game and then get annihalated in the divisional game, it saves Gruden and co and we put ourselves into a mediocre draft spot. And the fail continues into 2019 How Redskins is that eh? Funner than watching them play
  8. TheYappingDog

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If he did (especially if he went super dumb like trade up) I don't think the fanbse would fall for it. We're still seeing quarterbacking though the RG3 prism - it would get ugl(ier) real quick
  9. TheYappingDog

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Wilson has hands like shovels I think you are correct - way too high for a suck-it-and-see You must really like his game
  10. TheYappingDog

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Man - we are way more messed up on the o-line that a LG away. Trent is done, Moses is breaking down, let's see how scherff comes back, Jerod Christian is meh and injured after being steamrolled on his only start If i eat and drink enough this Christmas, I'd probably get signed in time for our playoff run
  11. TheYappingDog

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Appreciate your objectivity re his negatives - what round would you be prepared to use/risk/waste just to find out whether he can read a defense? Not to mention his height in an nfl pocket
  12. TheYappingDog

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    kyler murray - a one year starter hmm...
  13. TheYappingDog

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    No to Dwayne Haskins - i've very suspicious on players (particularly qbs) with one year of play (Devin Thomas anyone?) What i look for in a qb is a 3 year starter with improving stats each year - once in the pros offence vs defence is an arms race and i need to see a qb who can develop and improve over time. If i see a significant dip in their final year of college play it raises red flags for me as to either laziness or development is maxed out With that in mind if we could get Clayton Thorson from Northwester in the 3rd, I could definitely dig the move 2018 278 459 2942 60.6 6.41 77 15 14 33 119.1 48.2 59.7 2017 262 434 2844 60.4 6.55 58 15 12 30 121.3 66.1 70.0 2016 280 478 3182 58.6 6.66 58 22 9 38 125.9 58.0 62.3 2015 150 295 1522 50.8 5.16 66 7 9 22 95.9 39.8 45.7
  14. This - we must have the most incompetent staff looking after the health of our roster - and of course our crappy facilities I note with interest that Orakpo hasn't missed a beat with Tennessee and then consider he missed 50% of his final 3 seasons with us with a torn pec? Twice!! if i recall correctly (that's right the same injury). And now Scherff with you guessed it - a torn pec! Look, I can handle the blown out knees and broken bones - that's just an integral part of the game when 300+lb guys are slamming into each other, but I'm certain all these muscle injuries (not to mention all the hammies) are down to trainers/medical not supervising stretching/flexibility etc I want a state of the art training facility - hyperbaric chambers, hot yoga suites, dieticians, aroma therapy - the works, EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING and then let's see what our injury list looks like Oh and all linement wear knee braces in pre-season and practice (Trent murphy missed the season due to a acl sustained in pre-season )- the braces come off when it counts, game time in the regular season.
  15. TheYappingDog

    2018 Jaguars Look-a-Like Thread

    I'll ask this here for want of a better place I remember a couple of years back we used to have a weekly opposition cheerleaders thread where we'd insult their homliness and/or question their morals- I miss that thread