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  1. This - we must have the most incompetent staff looking after the health of our roster - and of course our crappy facilities I note with interest that Orakpo hasn't missed a beat with Tennessee and then consider he missed 50% of his final 3 seasons with us with a torn pec? Twice!! if i recall correctly (that's right the same injury). And now Scherff with you guessed it - a torn pec! Look, I can handle the blown out knees and broken bones - that's just an integral part of the game when 300+lb guys are slamming into each other, but I'm certain all these muscle
  2. Errr yep The irony of the whole Alex Smith thing is that even if he'd played the entire season his contract was mental. Get well Alex.
  3. We may not care about the player, but I care about the man For the record I thought he was the wrong qb for us I just wish him well in this particular fight.
  4. Am I the only one who finds talk of cap implications slightly distasteful when a young man is lying in a hospital bed with the prospect that he may lose a leg?
  5. See my Clean House post but I've written off 2019 and can only hope it's the beginning of a rebuild. With that in mind I wouldn't mind kicking the tyres on Johnny Manziel for gits and shiggles. I've always liked his game and if he's cleaned up his act, why not?
  6. Well Alex can agree to retire and get a golden handshake as a parting gift The point I'm trying to make is that brady and the patriots got away with it while not being true to the spirit of the law - we all know he signed for less that he was worth as a multiple superbowl winning league leading mvp several times over Why can't alex and snyder "come to an agreement"
  7. Thanks for the answer If i recall correctly, didn't Tom Brady agree to a cap friendly deal to help the patriots? How is that so different?
  8. Can Alex not retire and Snyder give him a big brown envelope under the desk - serious question. Would the league go ape?
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