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  1. So if he was a Brown the helmet fits? Punk move here, hope he rots in purgatory and no one pays him the big money again. A failed drug test about now would be karma.
  2. Did I not preface I hate Bruce? Great conversation and rebuttal dude. I’m impressed.
  3. So all week the media was adamant it was only a 2nd. They day after, with fans host someone In The media runs with this? Sounds like damage control from the Browns to sift blame. I need to find a way to profit from gullible sports fans and sports journalists who run with stories to keep sources happy. True or not.
  4. But do we really? Bruce sucks but let’s look at the Jets. Top young player calling out GM and coach after trade deadline? We are fans of this team so we go with what we know. But I also look outside the window to see what else is going on. We aren’t even top 10 worse run, let that sit for a moment.
  5. I hate growing up in eastern Montana I didn’t have cable. Forced to watch the game of the week on the 80s and some team had to be good. Could have been a Broncos fan or Vikings Fan or living in Seattle area now a Seahawks fan. But no I’ve been cursed. I’m not invested like some. Only been to two games both in Seattle. Spent less than $200 on merchandise my entire life. I stick with my teams, but I will not pay for a product that I don’t get any benefit out of. Weird right.
  6. What has Trent said since the off season? D. Hall always has something to say for Trent. I guess he is an official spokes person. Idolize all you want it’s your right. Owners and Athletes are culprits of why most professional sports have sucked for me since the turn of the century. :eyeroll: back.
  7. The guy has been suspended, uses others to speak for him, and reporting now proves it was about money. I mean seriously? I stopped idolizing pro athletes when I was around 15. It has been reported Trent was made appointments for his growth and then skipped them. Last I checked doctors have some pretty strict guidelines and ethics to follow by state and federal laws. If they really did wrong by him, someone would have been punished. OPINION: Wouldn’t surprise me Trent wanted medical marijuana and the team said no. Just an OPINION Guess it depends on definition of a saint.
  8. this is why Trent doesn’t have value. Seriously, the dude can’t even speak for himself. Only through figure heads. He is no better than Bruce. I hope they make him suffer.
  9. Well the QB coach for the Vikings was Kevin Rogers. Asst QB the as Stefenaski. OC Darrel Bevel
  10. Trent is a turd. I hate them all, but I’m glad he wasn’t placated. Can’t even speak up for himself. That’s the type of guy I want on my team.
  11. Because the media doesn’t lie? I’m have some sweet property in Kansas I’m trying to sell you interested. I’m down dude.
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