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  1. Interesting how we see such a diverse opinion on players. After watching hours and hours of footage (like all of us here) on quarterbacks during this offseason, Mills stands out to me as the guy (after the big 5) that just looks like an NFL QB. His easy throwing motion, fluid movement, body positioning, calmness...he looks like an NFL QB and I would be more excited about them nabbing him over Mond, Trask, Newman, et al. Not saying my conclusion is right, just more a commentary on how difficult this all is trying to analyze prospects.
  2. You are wrong on this post. Because I clearly saw indisputable comments that he was worthless because of no sacks in that game.
  3. Why stop there? If we play our cards right, we could keep trading down until Chase Young turns into 16 7th round picks this year, and 14 7th round picks next year. Just imagine how young our roster would be.
  4. Mistertim, thank you for that post. This thread is absolutely embarrassing since the game last night. I've followed this forum for years and this is an otherwise educated fanbase. I feel like Mugatu wondering if I've taken crazy pills just reading comments here.
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