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  1. Hi! I have made all arrangements other than buying tickets. Will be traveling with 3 Giants fans (my best friend and his kids) from here in Albany, NY. My youngest son and I are HUGE Skins fans, and my older son, who is also coming is also a fan. Anyway, I want some good seats, and to avoid the redonk StubHub fees. Need 6. I have a price in Section 102 that is reasonable direct from the team, but thought I'd reach out for tickets here first, to see if MAYBE I could get better seats from a Extreme Skins member. Like, ON the 50. LOL hey it's a bucket list trip with all 6 of us able to go at the same time, planning it for a year, that kinda thing. Thank you. Skins go 11-5 this year btw. hail, MY FRIENDS e brasihyatt at the G MAIL