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  1. Atlantaskinsfan18

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    He had surgery the same day as the injury. Various reports said it was successful, several medical advancements seemed to think he was out 6-8 months. No ligament damage etc.. That was the reason for my original post. There is no real concrete info out there. Very mum about the future.
  2. Atlantaskinsfan18

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    I have been reading (and looking for anything related to A. Smith true status). Is it even remotely possible he could return in 19 with rehab etc..? I realize the severity of his injury but can not seem to find a definitive answer to the basic question -- Is it career needing? Do the skins think he will be back? I read on facebook where a guy (non football player) suffered the same injury and didn't even RUN for two years. Any links or podcasts etc...that address this specifically would be appreaciated. FWIW Colt will sling the ball around more but we will pay for that.