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  1. I Agree. The best case scenario is that we get 1st overall pick then trade 1st to 2nd for an additional 1st round pick, 2nd to 3rd for additional 1st round pick, then grab Chase Young at #3 and hopefully get a new LT with one of our new #1s.
  2. LastMortal2

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Well now its up to Trent and Dwayne to help each other. If Trent can get back into football shape and convince Callahan that he can protect the QB, then there is no reason not to start Haskins. If Haskins gets protection and looks like the QB from OSU, then Trent looks good and can increase the likelihood Bruce gets a can't miss offer. Trent gets outta town in 2020, Haskins shows he's an NFL QB, everybody wins!
  3. LastMortal2

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Is there no value in having Trent report week 10. Get up to speed and game shape by week 13, then start Haskins behind an elite LT week 14-17? This demonstrates Trent is still the best tackle in football, and gives Haskins 3-4 games of starting experience without the constant danger of getting beheaded? Trent will still have 1 year under contract making him tradable and the Skins go into the off season with a little optimism. There is still the potential for teams to hit March 2020 with their LT position in flux (there are a limited number of FA and draftable plug-and-play tackles) who may be willing to break the bank for Trent. A year ago would you have anticipated someone would give up 2 1s and a 2 for Tunsil? No it is not likely...and based on recent (27 years) of history, probably the worst case scenario will occur, but for now, all is not lost...
  4. LastMortal2

    Next Coach?

    I've always had a hard time believing that coaches have any real effect on game outcome. The guys on the field need to execute whatever play is called regardless so it should be the players who are more important. But this year our D just screams bad coaching. How does a team with at least 1 (Payne) if not 2 (Settle) legit Nose tackles, excellent DEs and rush linebackers, an All Pro SS and at least 1 (Dunbar) and maybe 2 (Norman) high-end CBs look this bad? I get that we have holes at MLB and FS How is this possible? Its like every talented player from 2018 just aged 10 years prior to stepping on the field in 2019. We need a great, old school, D-oriented head coach to take over this team. I know it is folly to agree IN ANY WAY that this team is "close" but it just blows my mind that this D with so many elite athletes is getting constantly abused. I wanted to think it was just that out schedule was outrageous and filled with elite teams...but the Fins and Giants? Sheesh
  5. LastMortal2

    Our RB situation

    I think the Thompson-first strategy was utilized by Gruden in week 1 of 2018 against the Cardinals to great success. At least it appears so in these highlights:
  6. LastMortal2

    How was the stadium crowd today?

    On the flip side, this was one of the most peaceful games I've ever been to. We've had season tickets since FedEx opened and I've been to many Cowboys games over the years. We always leave angry either from a loss or from the foul mouthed, hyper-bro-aggressive Cowboys fans. This time all the Cowboys fans I met were very gracious and friendly. They obviously feel very at home at FedEx now and don't want to start fights in their own house.
  7. LastMortal2

    18th anniversary of 9/11 today.

    Guess what NC republican legislators were doing today while democrats were attending the 9-11 ceremony? House overrides budget veto in surprise vote with almost half of lawmakers absent Read more here: