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  1. Yep, I'd absolutely be okay with it. It would be just like how Premier League is. "Who is your team?" - "Liverpool, of course." Team would either be Washington or just DC in casual conversation. Fight song can be largely unchanged. Team retains a lot of continuity and is unique among the NFL teams. Also, added benefit with us being one of the oldest teams, we get to brand ourselves truthfully as one of the most mature NFL franchises. And Lord, after the last 25 years, we need some adults in the room.
  2. If anything, I'm going to tune out even more... Honestly, my patience with this franchise ended the day RGIII broke his leg. I've always hated Dan Snyder. He is the smallest, most thin-skinned man in existence and I can't think of a more accurate cartoonish caricature of an evil billionaire than him. I hope COVID is destroying him in the "asset rich, cashflow poor, highly leveraged" way only a rich person can suffer during a crisis like this. The only way I will ever care about the NFL again is if they take active steps to make meaningful change that will look after the well-being of the pl
  3. "Hail to the Football! Hail to the Team! Players on the field, trademark T B D!" In all seriousness, I really hope they go with a mascot-less, classy, old school 'Washington Football Club" over anything else. I've sunk way too much emotional energy into this team over my lifetime to tolerate anything else, especially now that I live outside the DMV. Just figured I'd throw in my two cents for old time sake.
  4. Heard a credible rumor from our "Skins guy" at my office in Sterling today that Bruce is trying to put his house on the market. He's been right about stuff in the past. Here's hoping. Also, not a penny of taxpayer money for a stadium. Football won't exist like it does today in 20-25 years, I can't think of a worse "investment" for a municipality to make.
  5. I am 100% serious - do you think there would be fan interest in pooling our money via gofundme to purchase a full page ad in the Post to call Snyder out? Because I can look into starting one.
  6. YESSSSSS, dear god, that was way way way too close. I have no idea what the heck Davey was thinking, but damn, that win was SO needed. Great game by Stras and Mad Max
  7. The frustration stems from how predictable and avoidable these issues are. It's one thing to be outplayed, it's another to just not show up to play at all, players and manger together. Stras, Zim, Soto, and occasionally Tony are the only guys who've shown up to play in the post season so far.
  8. Not being hyperbolic or sarcastic, Davey just isn't cut out to be a big time championship-winning manager. I've been nothing but disappointed and baffled by his decisions the entire time he's been in DC.
  9. I'm okay with this. Corbin has been doing alright, so let's see how this goes.
  10. Is this game more frustrating that two nights ago? I can't tell lol
  11. Wow... I feel crushed. Terrible wasted opportunity. Where's my Nats that ripped off two series sweeps in a row?
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