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  1. The salt is real. Skins are going nowhere so finding enjoyment in watching a successful franchise is now worthy of essentially being told that a pack of gorillas should rape me? Grow up kid.
  2. Word is, Josh Gordon going to the PATS!!! Love the pats!
  3. I came to this thread thinking that it was one dedicated to sharing pics of THOTS.... Boy was I disappointed and mislead by the "Thots" title
  4. This game was standard Joke Gruden. -- Check downs -- No adjustments -- Fall behind and give up Classic Joke Gruden. Cannot wait until he is gone at the end of this season!
  5. Correct, sir. No way Colts fan ever feel like they are out of a game with Luck at the helm. Smith looks downfield, but his MO is to just drop it off in a checkdown. If a WR is not wide open past 10 yards he checks it down. Most of us knew that when we traded for him, but some blind supporters of smith keep pointing to his deep ball rating! They failed to even consider that Tyreek Hill is ALWAYS wide open down field. We do not have speed over the top and the joke of a HC has no confidence in Smith to have him actually call plays that go beyond 10 yards. It is frustrating to watch ev
  6. It "gunna be aight" once we fire gruden. Get rid of that Joke of a HC #FIREGRUDEN
  7. What WR corps? Obviously Smith has no idea we have WR on our payroll #FIREGRUDEN
  8. What defensive front? Typical skins offseason of hype and a full season of nothing. tank the season please. Fire this staff and start over
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