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  1. Let's all get behind Alex Smith and show him the door along with Joke Gruden!!!!
  2. zealoustuttle

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    The salt is real. Skins are going nowhere so finding enjoyment in watching a successful franchise is now worthy of essentially being told that a pack of gorillas should rape me? Grow up kid.
  3. zealoustuttle

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Word is, Josh Gordon going to the PATS!!! Love the pats!
  4. zealoustuttle

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I came to this thread thinking that it was one dedicated to sharing pics of THOTS.... Boy was I disappointed and mislead by the "Thots" title
  5. zealoustuttle

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    The real question is... does that turd smile
  6. Yep you are right, I am just still pissed at the fact we traded Fuller for him. So trash tier is def over exaggeration, but he is not a QB any team should trust to win games or even lead a team successfully. He looks good and his wife is hot, but that is about all he has going for him. EDIT: Oh and he is super rich...
  7. zealoustuttle

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    This game was standard Joke Gruden. -- Check downs -- No adjustments -- Fall behind and give up Classic Joke Gruden. Cannot wait until he is gone at the end of this season!
  8. LOL yes! And so many people were saying "he doesn't just checkdown, he is the best deep ball passer in the NFL!" With Tyreek Running a streak Chad Pennington would have had the best deep ball rating in the NFL! I was sick when the skins traded for him and I am now diagnosed with cancer watching 2 games of DEATH BY THOUSAND CHECKDOWNS
  9. zealoustuttle

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Meant to say Guice is average at best *after ACL injury*.. i went back and edited. Clarified it for ya bud. Thanks for pointing it out!
  10. zealoustuttle

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Correct, sir. No way Colts fan ever feel like they are out of a game with Luck at the helm. Smith looks downfield, but his MO is to just drop it off in a checkdown. If a WR is not wide open past 10 yards he checks it down. Most of us knew that when we traded for him, but some blind supporters of smith keep pointing to his deep ball rating! They failed to even consider that Tyreek Hill is ALWAYS wide open down field. We do not have speed over the top and the joke of a HC has no confidence in Smith to have him actually call plays that go beyond 10 yards. It is frustrating to watch every game and exepct DEATH BY THOUSAND CHECKDOWNS T_T We are going to get smoked by GB. The bye week cannot come fast enough.
  11. It "gunna be aight" once we fire gruden. Get rid of that Joke of a HC #FIREGRUDEN
  12. Absolutely correct. This is standard Alex Smith... Look RB open *throws 2 yards* Meanwhile, WR are just starting their deep in routes... Alex Smith is hot garbage, always was, always will be. It is hilarious that some skins fans thought he was going to all of a sudden be amazing when we traded fuller for this trash tier qb
  13. zealoustuttle

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Need to get a stud RB. Bryce Love would be an awesome pick up to replace Thompson and most likley Guice. ACL injuries are career altering. Guice is at best a slightly above average RB after the ACL injury. I hope he comes back just as good, but don't hold out hope, so draft a stud RB.
  14. zealoustuttle

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    A lot of you here think and hope for the best. While I commend you for that outlook you all need a dose of reality at times. Now is the time. The Redskins are suck.... mediocre suck at best which is a true reflection of this joke of a HC called Jay Gruden. I know it is 2 games into the 2018 season, but so far the last 2 games have represented the EXACT same story as every season under Joke Gruden Mediocre gameplanning, NO adjustments ever Elementary play calls (big suckage at play calling) Predictable patterns (when commentators state "here comes a screen on 3rd and long" you know the play calling sucks) Lack of heart and GRIT when down in the score No leadership for the team in keeping everyone level headed after a win or loss Gives up when down (routinely takes off headset when 5 min left in the 4th quarter when losing -- happened again yesteday) For all those making excuses for Joke Gruden saying that individuals need to play better, execute plan better, blah blah blah. Shut up and look at the larger picture. Joke Gruden has routinely exhibited the inability to adjust and get his team consistently ready for games through his ENTIRE HC regime. When his team is way ahead he coasts and often times let's the other team have a chance at a come back (NO KILLER MENTALITY -- big fat ****) and when he is down he stays down and just waits for it all to end. That game where we came back to beat the Bucs? OH yea that was Cousins 100% carrying this Joke of a HC on his back and making plays. Year in and year out we expect something different. but this is insanity. This is the first season where Joke Gruden has what he wants in his team and everyone expected something so different. He has his checkdown QB who is overpaid to maintain mediocre games and lose lost games. Yet some of these skins fans here are heralding the 2nd coming of Dan Marino with his best downfield passing stats of 2017. Alex Smith is a JOKE - we know what he is (a checkdown **** who only sees the opposing team's players past 10 yeards). THIS is the QB Gruden wanted to lead his "field stretching" offense. Lo and Behold NOTHING has changed. The team is now Gruden's completely in exactly how he wants it, yet it looks just like every other team under his HC tenure. Mediocre, dead, and boring. DEATH BY A THOUSAND CHECKDOWNS is not a god damn NFL offense. It is time to cut our losses -- Fire Gruden and the entire staff, tank for a top 5 pick, draft a QB. Look for a playoff team's young coordinator to hire as the next HC for the skins and plan to offload Checkdown Smith's contract and put him out to pasture. We are going to go 5-11 AT BEST with how this team has performed both vs cards and the colts. Wake up and smell the roses SHEEPLE -- FIRE GRUDEN and look to start over. #FIREGRUDEN
  15. zealoustuttle

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    What WR corps? Obviously Smith has no idea we have WR on our payroll #FIREGRUDEN