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  1. I went to a tire shop yesterday and the guy recommended and raved about Ironman tires. The price is darn cheap, though I'm not familiar with this brand. Anyone with any experience with these tires? I'm thinking of buying a set for my truck.
  2. Looks simple yet I can’t seem to grasp it. lol
  3. No. I have absolutely no interest in it.
  4. Some of my favorites: First We Feast Emmymadeinjapan
  5. I'm really excited to see Captain Marvel on the big screen.
  6. I am excited also. I like that Spidey can interact with the citizen.
  7. Anyone excited about the upcoming Spider-Man on ps4?
  8. A buddy of mine gave me a Jack Daniels Chocolate Bar. I'm not usually a fan of liquor chocolate things, but this one has a great taste.
  9. I can relate to this! haha. Nice pic.
  10. Those pork chops look yummy! Now, I'm hungry!
  11. Nice trailer. The graphics and gameplay of Mutant Year Zero look great.
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