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  1. It’s not that Alex can’t produce come from behind wins... It’s that the way he plays the game is a control based identity based on percentages. Kind of like a Boa Constrictor. In those 13 passes straight he connected the other day, combined with being the Maestro for peterson pre snap... 3 drives of what.. 70,84, & 90 yards? Think about the opposing QB and the opposing offense. It’s halftime and they feel like the haven’t even started the game yet. So... When teams have success with their early chances Smith stays cool and probably doesn’t risk much, it’s when guys like Brady have early success and then double up on it that it strikes fear into the Alex fans etc. He’s always had the deep ball... straight up.. problem is getting him to throw it. Isaac Bruce was on the radio in SF about a decade ago (I’m sick, I know ) and the host asked him how come Alex “couldn’t” throw the deep ball. Bruce was bewildered... the host pressed him.. he just reared back around and said “look man, the guy was #1 pick for a reason, things like that don’t happen on accident, the guy throws the ball to me every day in practice and I can tell you matter of fact he can make any type of throw you want and put it on the money.” he’s getting better at seeing the deep ball pre snap and going for it, I hope to see more, it’s the one thing that eluded the guy for years. Urban Meyer was very poignant about Alex when he got drafted saying that for him to be effective at all he would need to understand the whole playbook, but if he could accomplish that he would be a huge threat etc. the thing I love about Alex’s deep ball as of late... it’s doesn’t seem to be just taking a shot here or there when the “time is right”, it’s that he is working it within his whole framework and once the D starts biting on the horizontal game he has more moxie these days to try to bury the dagger and hurt the D for getting too close. Coming from behind is not Alex’s “style”, but it’s worth mentioning he’s tied with Joe Montana for the most comebacks in a single season as a 9er with 4. He can pull it off if the table is set for it. Teams have to force him to come out of his shell, because he is happy to grind them out and watch them make mistakes to try to keep up. That’s why he wins so many games. whatever the mythical “shootout” is anyways, right? Smith has beaten every elite qb left in the entire league I’m pretty sure. Manning eluded hin for a looooong time though.
  2. side not on running topics. If anyone can find a video of alex smith’s block on greg ellis you all will get a kick out of it, it’s great(I searched but couldn’t find it). Even back in college Smith loved contact. He tends to play really well after taking a hard hit.
  3. Mussrat

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I didn’t mean to flare up the smith debate, was just thinking it was a nice place to drop in and say hi replying to some other posts. As more of a CFB/Utes fan, I’ve kept an eye on Smith over the years, talk about a roller coaster, haha! Just figured I’d throw in my 2 cents. As far as the yac’s go, those stats I referenced are obviously relating to all levels of the field. Smith has historically done a lot better with short and intermediate, the deep ball developed really only in the last 3 years or so? What I was referencing regarding the bootleg kick outs and such is this.. those albeit short, are extremely reliant on ball placement for success. Hit the mark (6”x6” window), and your chess piece uses all it’s juice to explode into the secondary, miss by a foot and you get 4-5 yards perhaps if dude makes a move or the scheme rocked, miss by more than that and your guy loses his teeth, right? All I was saying is that ball placement is kind of Smith’s “game” (for better or worse) and it’s largely why he has won so many games in last 5 years etc etc.. I haven’t seen much footage of Kirk and it was wrong of me to associate the two when I only know of one of them. anywho... I’m drinking things up and trying to learn the team better but struggling a bit to find sources for the juicy morsels, can anyone pm me some sites? I really enjoy the insider beat writer type tidbits. No need for further Alex discussion here on account of me, but if you wan’t to reply to those thoughts feel free to copy and paste in the Alex thread & I’ll try to respond.
  4. Mussrat

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Ball placement accuracy can be accounted for best in YAC Imo, Alex has consistently been very high with YAC’s if I recall (best in league last year?). The fact that he also has I think one of the lowest avg distance of throws from LOS on average (because he dishes to slot receiver and running backs a lot with designed plays, I don’t have all the stats perhaps someone can help out here.). Combo the two and what you have is a guy who puts the ball in tight windows for people to catch in stride and run with, right? Specifically, a guy who has excellent ball placement aka throwing accuracy? I feel like completion percentage factors in but is not as accurate as far as who is a more “accurate” passer. He had great playmakers in KC to run the ball once in hands, but I’d be shocked if they even close to “matriculate” the ball next year the way they did last year. A lot more drive killing broken plays headed their way. Another bit, Smith was one of the tops in the league in deep ball attempts and completions, right? So maybe one could say he took more gambles than Cousins last year and still had the same completion percentage and the lowest int’s in the league? Anyways, I love reading the forum, whoever approved me to join, I appreciate it!