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  1. Juan_Samuel

    Random Thought Thread

    As I indicated I used to follow the old blog and lost touch with the page. I had to register again to interact. Thank you and MartinC for the guidance. I am a true fan and collector of jerseys, as a newbie it’s understandable that you guys won’t trust me. I will go to stadium and classifieds as you’re suggesting. Man it is so frustrating not to able to find a legit jersey, I had purchased two knock offs from eBay and I simply lost faith in that page. That’s why I decided to come here. Thank you all again and I’ll go to classifieds/stadium. Sorry if I came too desperate to be true, but I am.
  2. Juan_Samuel

    Random Thought Thread

    Dang man, I have been nothing but respectful to you. Why the attitude?, I am simply trying everything I can to get this jersey. If my persistent inquiries bother you I did not mean to. I appreciate all your replies and will not continue with this. Once again lighten up a bit man,
  3. Juan_Samuel

    Random Thought Thread

    Thanks for replying Renegade, I am trying to get acclimated with this page. Sorry for all the troubles thus far. I have tried everything from Craigslist to a public ad.. no luck, is there a way I could get in touch with you just to get some insight on that sean Taylor? I would love to see it and if you’re interested in selling it I’m opened to that option I just want to own that piece of history. Once again I truly appreciate ALL your help and patience with me. I meant to say if you are interested *.... sorry for the troubles .
  4. Juan_Samuel

    Random Thought Thread

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t quite understand your reply. I have sought them all over the web as I stated. Do you think the store at the stadium may have any?. Is there a contact number for the team store at the stadium? Or anywhere else?... Thanks again for any help you could give
  5. Juan_Samuel

    Random Thought Thread

    Good afternoon every one, I have been following this blog since 2015. I usually read the "Jersey Collection" section. I have learnt a lot about the jerseys and its specification, material and all related to it. I'm sad that I can't post any-longer as this thread is closed. I'd love to know who can guide me or assist me in obtaining an AUTHENTIC ONFIELD REEBOK JERSEY SIZE 46 or 48...I WOULD LOVE to get the White 75th anniversary throw back or ANY 75th anniversary...I own a few great jerseys that I am wiling to trade if agreed (D.Green 70th Anniversary among others D.Green 1998 Wilson, 2008 J.Campbell in white) anyways, I would appreciate any help as I have gone to EBAY, OFFER UP, CRAIGSLIST and all platforms that deal with this stuff to no avail. I do not want replicas or knockoffs. Thanks in advanced for any assitance!!
  6. Redskins authentic jersey. Good morning sir., I have followed this forum for a long time and would love to know if you can assist me in getting (or refer me where or how) to try to get an AUTHENTIC Reebok OnField Jersey size 46, I don't care what player or condition. I simply would like to own one as I am not satisfied with the Nike Elites..I know that the "Jersey Forum" is closed but you are the most knowledgeable in this matter. I have tried eBay, Craigslist, Offer Up and every platform that sells merchandise to no avail. I would love to hear from you, my email is juansamuel74@gmail.com or ivatava@yahoo.com. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE for your assistance!.