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  1. Trade back with Miami 5-18-39 then use Trent plus the 18 to Cleveland for 10 5- Thomas, Simmons, Okudah 10-Wirfs,Simmons,Becton,Lamb 39-BPA Miami gets there qb and still has #26 Cleveland gets Trent and still has #18 Redskins get two top ten picks (5&10) and there 2nd rounder back (hopefully a TE they like ) Personally I’d bite the bullet draft Thomas at 5 and Wirfs at 10, boom bookend Tackles on 5 year rookie deals extend Brandon and Chase OL is 4/5 done and locked up for 4-5 years. It’s to bad we don’t have a second. To me using Trent to slide up a f
  2. Just for the sake of clarity if Trent is the only viable starter at LT come Day1 then yes I would play him at LT. I’d really hate for this team to be in that position come day1 though. Hell he hasn’t played in over a year maybe he’s well rested or maybe he’s well rusted not to mention he hasn’t finished a full season in what 5 years Either way the team should have a starter quality player who is not Trent on the roster and if that’s the case then our only hole to fill would be LG since we just lost Flowers and personally I feel better with Trent in there than Wes Martin a 4th r
  3. This isn’t about punishment either it’s about pressure so the team can have adequate time to find his replacement for his inevitable departure. We can’t wait forever and IF this team finds his replacement via FA or the draft THEN I would most certainly slide him inside to play guard. If the team drafts a LT to replace him (which certainly could happen) and said player comes in day one ready to play (like Trent did). I’m not putting the guy on the bench just because Trents still here. I’m also not choosing Wes Martin over Trent Williams (maybe Trent for Morgan). If we feel
  4. This isn’t about being petty we tried to extend him he wasn’t having it, we tried to trade him nobody will meet his contract demands (Bruce included) So now the Redskins should go into the draft not knowing if Trent is leaving or playing. The team only gets so many shots at a legit starting T to replace him. This WHOLE situation is Trents fault/greed but somehow the team should sit here patiently waiting for him to get the best deal he can while all of the teams chances to replace him are getting signed or drafted? How’s that fair to the team or more importantly Haskins or the new
  5. And what is your solution let him do whatever the hell he wants? Yea sure Trent take as much time as you need to find the deal best for you by all means. There have already been reports that our demand for a second rounder isn’t what’s holding this all up, it’s his contract demands. So sorry I only need to be bitten by a snake once to no it’s a snake. The dude tried to hold us hostage( we had to bring Penn basically out of retirement ) after the draft and after FA thinking we’d give him whatever he wanted he was wrong and apparently he is still wrong because nobody else seems to val
  6. Only thing Bruce did wrong was not trade him last year but expecting a player that signed a contract that at the time made him highest paid player at his position to honor his deal is not wrong. Especially the way he did it.
  7. You threaten him with that to get him to get a deal done now instead of dragging his feet looking for 20 million a year which no one apparently is willing to give him and yes if he has to play here this year and we draft Thomas or Wirfs or Becton and they come in and earn the starting LT job I would certainly slide Trent to LG. No need for him to take reps away from his replacement. The guy is holding up progress in money and position value , he needs to piss or get off the pot
  8. That’s y we need to lean on him either he finds a deal/trade or be prepared to be our new LG ! If he has to play guard his FA value will take yet another hit.
  9. This is what’s best for the team he needs to stop dragging his feet looking for a deal that’s not going to happen, meanwhile eating up our cap space and leaving us in limbo at a crucial position. And there is no reason we should have to take the loss for his actions. People will only day to you what you let them do. We gave him what he wanted the ability to seek a trade..... guess what nobody was interested so either take our deal or find a deal that gets you out of here but this is a multi million billion business we’ve got a rookie QB we’re trying to establish something new he
  10. Yea I’d rather move on from this guy at this point but not for free. I’d tell him to except a deal or be prepared to be playing special teams, LG,FB or any other crap position I can think of maybe we try you out at CB. I’ll have your big ass out there running go routes against Terry. Either swallow your pride and take our deal or find a trade now! Who knows who we’ve missed out on already much less going forward how. This situation needs to be fixed ASAP
  11. I’d go get his replacement regardless and make him play LG or give him a new deal that would make trading him next year easier 3 year deal 15-17 million first year 18-20 million second year (incentive laden) same for year three We get Trent back for 15 million the first year, he proved he’s worth trading for and has a two year deal making him easier to trade
  12. Trade #2 to Miami for #5,18 and a 2nd or 3rd trade Trent & #18 to Cleveland for #10 #5 LT Thomas #10 RT Wirfs 2nd or 3rd bpa at FS,TE,WR, Resign Brandon and Flowers Stick Thomas on the left side and Wirfs on the right keep morgan as the swing tackle The OL would be locked up with 1st rounders (except chase) for 5 years ish.
  13. I’ll take two top ten picks over Young all day especially with the amount of holes on the team Personally I think Simmons is the generational talent in this draft. Young being a Redskins fan growing up is the only thing I like about him more than Simmons Even still there’s nobody in this draft I’d pass up #5,18 and a 2nd for
  14. Hopefully it’s the CBA that’s holding up the deal and not teams being reluctant about Trent
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