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  1. I agree and I know it's cliche but the next two games will tell us a lot. Hopefully it's not the good skins, bad skins all over again or vice versa
  2. I don't think this can be implied about the Skin's roster at this point. I do think they have a few puzzle pieces that are really good
  3. Too bad we can't combine the legs of RG3, the passing stats of Cousins and the leadership of Smith. Wait a second I think his name is Aaron Rodgers
  4. I got my 2nd wind. I wasn't implying that Gruden's play calling was bad. The implication was that I think the play calling will change to better utilize what Smith can offer. I should have used a different word than improved so you are correct there, but your implied assumption about what I was saying was incorrect. Adapting and changing is different from bad. Hopefully, Smith can do a little bit of that as well, but the play caller will always have an easier time adjusting than the player That's a good point and why Cousins can easily be put at the top of the passer podium in comparison to the other quarterbacks mentioned because he has learned how to go through his progressions while staying in the pocket.
  5. Maybe I'm completely wrong about this entire topic but to me Smith has more chance of improving if the play-calling would maximize his skill set. That doesn't mean that I'm going to make excuses for him if he doesn't hit wide-open targets or make inaccurate throws. I guess I'm selling him short because I don't believe Smith is the 2017 Smith. I think he is a game manager who wants to win by not turning the ball over and making boneheaded decisions. I don't think he can be a multiple progression quarterback while staying in the pocket. In the past when he feels pressure he has run out of the pocket or hits his check down receiver instead of keeping his eyes downfield because I'm assuming that he doesn't want to throw an interception.
  6. I do expect his accuracy to improve and he has to make those throws but Smith has never been more than a one maybe two read quarterback so my main point is based on the overall big picture
  7. I'm tired of typing posts from my phone so I will just admit that like most things you have a valid point but you're still not understanding what I'm trying to say
  8. I agree with what you're posting and my point is I don't think Alex Smith can be that quarterback so don't try to put a square peg in a round hole. Will he improve, yes will he be the last year's version of Alex Smith - not unless you go get Tyreek Hill
  9. This isn't my argument and to be honest I don't have one but I appreciate you informing me. My point was that the play-calling is going to have to be improved along with Smith's efficiency.
  10. I don't get paid the big bucks to have the answer for that. It's pretty obvious Alex Smith isn't going to change after being in the NFL as long as he has so my conclusion was if we made it to the NFC Championship Game something else would have to change
  11. There you go again. I implied that Smith's efficiency would improve because the play-calling would revolve around more of what he is comfortable doing not what Jay wants him to do. Smith isn't a great passer so why try to make him into one
  12. Didn't imply that at all, but for some 1 + 1 does = 4
  13. To be fair to the poster he didn't ask whether you thought it would happen or not. His question was would you be happy with the outcome
  14. I think most, if not all fans would be ecstatic because that would most likely mean that the offensive play-calling would have improved dramatically along with Alex Smith's efficiency in the passing game. Our defense would have to go from borderline good, to great and like any other team that makes it to the championship game the Skins would have to catch some breaks along the way