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  1. HailSkins789

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Per @JDonaldsonNBC5 on Twitter, Reed is back practicing today. Just participating in individual workouts which is good but still don't know if he's been cleared yet. Hope he will be soon!
  2. HailSkins789

    What Bye Week Adjustments Would You Make?

    More 3 TE sets for sure. Get Vernon involved more. He is still such a weapon. We do need to find a way to implement Docston more. Not ready to give up on him just yet. Would love for us to figure out the LB situation. Maybe because our DL is getting home so quick, it's not allowing our LB's to get sacks, but something seems off with PS and RK91.
  3. HailSkins789

    A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    I feel great about this team. The fact that despite all the injuries we had in KC, we hung with them til the end and should have won, shows me that it's the coaching and culture that has changed. This team doesn't show quit at all. Especially on defense. They were beat the eff down in that fourth quarter and still held KC to 3 on one drive to give the offense a shot at the end. Once our WR's come around (need to put Doctson as the 1, Pryor isn't a natural) and the RB game gets better (would like to see Mack), we will be in great shape. I fully expect us to crush SF, and beat Philly soundly before heading into the Dallas game. Hopefully Norman is back by then, but I think we can win the next two without him.