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  1. GloryDaze

    Best seats @ Fedex?

    Thanks for all the serious responses. It sounds like the 300 level sections are the best because you have to stand in the 100 sections. The 200 level sections (not the first 3-6 rows?) on the home sideline also seem good, but there are not as many of these seats. I also found this website later -- For parking, I found the Red Zone lot was good for avoiding traffic heading North. For those of you with a sense of humor, glad I could provide the straight-line for your jokes. And I am aware of the need to send a message to Mr. Snyder et al. that the current management needs to change. I am not buying any more Redskins merchandise for the moment.
  2. GloryDaze

    Best seats @ Fedex?

    I'm looking to purchase single game seats for the Jets game. It's definitely the year to get a "discount" on single game tickets.... What section and rows would you recommend? Why? Thinking closest to field might be nice -- are sections 101 & 142 best? Can you sit down during the game these days? How does that compare to sections 121 & 122? What about section 200 seats? Read that there are some issues with obstructed views and first 3 rows? I'm not really interested in those seats right next to the field. Sorry if this has been covered in other posts -- the renewing season tickets post was super long and hard to get the whole story. Thanks very much! HTTR!