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  1. I like the sound of the Washington Red Wolves, there is enough teams named after animals I agree, however there are none related to wolves (which are commonly seen as badass) and Red Wolves are an actual species of wolves that are endangered. You could also donate money and push for more wildlife conservation of endangered species! WIN!!!
  2. How about the Washington Braves! Could keep the colors, maybe a new logo that is more flattering for those who are offended by it. ANNDDD this would be a way to honor tradition because the team originated in Boston as the Boston Braves.
  3. Don't know much about Antonio Gibson but I'm watching some highlights and I like him! Kind of reminds me of Alvin Kamara (I'm not saying he is that, just saying he looks like we could use him like that, all over the place).
  4. Why don't we call Minnesota and see if we could trade Trent for Diggs? just a thought
  5. Hopefully we do draft Chase Young and he can be paired with Sweat for the next 10 years at DE. However just thinking about right now and the current players we have. I think we could have a good rotation of Allen/Payne/Ion/Settle at DT, big guys do get tired quickly and having them all rotate often could be beneficial for the defense. I also think maybe we could use Allen all over the line, similar to what JJ Watt and Aaron Donald have done in the past on their teams?
  6. In light of all the craziness around our team, and now the news of Bevos hanging out with Snyder and wanting to buy a team. I thought it would be fun to think about what would you do IF YOU bought the Washington Redskins. Just a fun thread to kick around and I'm curious what changes other people would make. For me I thought about the name change, I grew up a skins fan and never looked at it as a negative. However times change and if there is a large group of people who find it offensive then maybe it should be changed. I personally love tradition and I think I would change the name back t
  7. I'm kinda hoping Trent does mess up Bruce's plans.. don't get me wrong every sunday I am watching and rooting for the redskins. But if things are gonna change then it needs to get bad, real bad. And if Trent somehow gets the best of Allen and we get nothing for him, on top of a really bad season. Maybe just maybe Snyder fires him and hires someone who can turn things around here. But as usual that's wishful thinking
  8. Idk exactly the details but I think your not allowed to trade injured players right? However I was just thinking how New England offered us a 1st early this year...I would call them back and say your first and Isiah Wynn (there 1st is basically a 2nd pick, but you can also get a young LT who could start)
  9. I'm sitting here just hitting the refresh button hoping we trade Trent for a 1st and Ward lol
  10. So far they are saying Njoku, a first round pick, and another player. I'm hoping Denzel Ward, we could get a CB, TE and then high first round pick... that's not terrible.
  11. Now that a lot of the "big name" free agents have been signed what are you guys hoping the redskins do next? So far we have signed Landon Collins and re-signed AP, I hope the team is considering re-signing Johnathan Cooper at LG ( I thought he did okay playing for us coming off the street). I also would like to see them sign a FS like Tre Boston (he shouldn't cost a lot of money and from what I have heard is underrated). What is everyone else's thoughts?
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