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  1. they were wealthy through power before. They made people kneel to their armies. They couldnt keep killing people so they needed to give a carrot to chase. A carrot they owned and held on a string = taxes, banks, labor..thats what you kneel to now. the central character in the bible is a Jew.. Zionists wrote the bible or people affiliated with zionists. They are mocking believers with their own bible. Christian/Catholic/ Jewish.. were all started by Zionists = separate and conquer. theres nothing wrong with your Jewish neighbors/ regular people. Its the Zionists that are t
  2. It's definitely proof the god of the Christian bible doesn't exist. He loves us but creates a world full of suffering and sends us to eternal hell for not doing things his way is complete rubbish. Your post here is just pseudo intellectual sillyness. The bible was simply written to subdue man to be mental.and emotional slaves. A being that lives outside time and space, created a world where the people that like him the most or acknowledge his existence are the ones who suffer the most? Definitely a made up story by human hands lol. It's so basic and so simple to understand and yet
  3. Lol you've ranked people based on your belief in the propaganda fed to you, that you believe. That doesn't qualify as knowledge. My last 3 posts to you redundantly explain that but you still can't grasp it? My last 2 posts just now are the most logical thing said in here. You are still using faith and belief whether it's about God or your view of logic. You still have poor reading comprehension. Where did I say everything was a lie? Everything? Yes, you can actually know something by thinking about it. You still fall victim to thinking that you need approval to believe something. Yo
  4. Dude, you're way behind. I've already given lectures on perception and reality here. He isnt making any point. He's going in circles while I've already explained that beliefs don't exist. Lol at think carefully.im the only one here who doesn't believe everything he's told in the first place. You know your senses can fool you yet people still believe things they can't see? What he's saying is irrelevant because it's all based in -believing- something. Science has nothing to with an all knowing being who lives outside time and space.
  5. What does gravity have to do with it? Lol you're spinning in circles now. I just gave you ultimate common sense truth and you cant grasp it. You used the word believe again...there are no beliefs in existence. Either something is, or it isnt. I don't have a belief. Beliefs are useless. There is no evidence of any kind supporting any god. The only way to prove it is blatant manifestation of himself, by himself/it.
  6. common sense, once you start using it, tells you he doesnt exist. an all knowing, supreme being who lives outside time and space decided to to put people in a crappy world and threatens eternal damnation if you act on natural urges or dont do things his way? thats not a god, thats a bad boss/govt leader lol all you have is a bunch of rhetorical beliefs.. no facts, no proof..nothing. youve been trained since birth to believe something you cant prove. faith, belief, are things that do not exist. They are merely invented words.
  7. If that happens, it was premeditated to begin with, to make sure his leg heals.
  8. Another assumption not based on any facts of your own. Prove my view wrong first. You can't and won't do it because you cant. Therefore you have absolutely no way of knowing I'm wrong other than belief. You are going in circles about topics you'll never solve or understand and govt will never tell you the truth about...but you think I'm the dumb one? You are wasting your typing fingers on propaganda.
  9. lol at through the worm hole. Its a corporate tv show where they hired a famous actor, to sell it to you.Any time a famous actor is involved, that immediately makes it bullsh-- Nothing in it will remotely lead you to any truth. its just more bullsh--, by the establishment. Just creative nonsense to mislead you from what ever the real reality is. dont watch anything on tv if you really want learn anything.
  10. I did 2 times already. I explained the ultimate definition of a belief. All you have is a belief. Reading something that says it's true, doesn't make it so. Just because you can connect locations and dates with a bible, doesn't prove that diety walked the earth. You need to focus on the whole of my previous post anyway.its more profound than anything you've read in a while.learn to think for yourself for once.
  11. your assumptions and insults of me are based on childish ignorance. You havent proven anything I have said,wrong. You dont know how to and you couldnt if you tried. You wont even try because you know you cant.. But i'm the dumb one? You are so intellectually inept, that my first beginner logic lesson for you, went right over your head. Belief: is a pointless, useless, invented word to keep and make people stay stupid. There is no such thing as a belief. Beliefs dont exist. You can believe anything you want but it will never make it so. Thats why fake religion, all religion is b
  12. ie typical response when you can't handle a viewpoint. You prove my point. . They mock what they can't understand.
  13. lol what does you using a laptop have to do with fabricated propaganda reasoning, labeled as science or believed religion in various topics? where did I say science was a lie on the whole? I said it can be made up for you to believe a particular angle/argument that they want you to for various things. Thats difficult for you grasp? your reading comprehension is quite poor. I have never gone this far to insult anyone here.you are way out of line and simply afraid to think for yourself. lol see above -^-, you worship the school system. You need someone to tell you that you are smart
  14. Youre generalizing In far too simplistic a way. All you know about science, history research, is your faith in sources provided. You can't prove them true. Your belief in what you read, doesn't make it a fact. Is that basic logic that hard for you to comprehend? This us why sheep are so easily lead and slaughtered.
  15. Did I post this already? all I care about is the first minute of the song. It makes me want to learn to play. He's just feeling it Sex Pistols
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